Meetups, games, special events, contests, and more!

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2nd Annual MSFM Meet & Greet Onesie Mixer
Meet and hang out with fans of the variety of shows in the Military Sci-Fi Media track as we get to know all the different flavors of MSFM! Onesie not required, but recommended for the full experience. Thu 7PM, Chastain DE (W).

Dragon Con SwagN’Seek Kindness Panel & Group Meetup
Join us for a short talk on spreading kindness and friendship at Dragon Con through the SwagN’Seek movement, followed by a swag swap and group meetup. Come make friends and spread joy! Thu 7PM, A601–602 (M).

Meetup for the Socially Anxious
“Meetup” sounds so ominous. Let’s reduce the pressure on our socially anxious and awkward selves, and kick off Con just right by simply showing up at the event. We promise not to stare when you enter the room. Pinky promise, even! Thu 7PM, Regency V (Hy).

Dragon Con Wrestling
The best independent wrestlers from all over the United States showcase their fearsome skills for three exciting hours. Featuring Dustin Rhodes and Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Thu 7PM, Centennial II–III (Hy).

Geek Sing-Along!
All those songs that stick in your head, from cartoons to shows to movies! Lend your voice to the fun, and enjoy some classics and new additions for this year. Lyrics are provided. Start the Con off right! Thu 8:30 PM, Grant East (Hil).

Sci-Fi Sing-Along!
Start off the con right with a few hundred of your closest friends as you sort-of remember the words to your favorite geek-related songs. Thu 8:30 PM, M103–105 (M).

Metalsome Live Rock Band Karaoke
Come sing your lungs out to some of your favorite songs with the backing of a live band. Thu 9PM, Atrium Ballroom (M).


Furry Meet & Greet
For the fursuiter or the furry curious: a meetup of Dragon Con proportions. Come hang out and make new friends with other fans of the anthropomorphic genres. Fri 7PM, 309–312 (Hil).

Fantasy Gather
The best gathering around of authors and fans. Mingle with authors and fellow readers alike. Who knows what surprises and treasures you will find… you will be sure to leave with new friends and even a few more books! Fri 8PM, Hanover C–E (Hy).

Ultimate Geek Trivia for Charity
It’s a battle of wits for a good cause! Bring 12 friends or meet 12 friendly strangers and compete against 20+ teams to see if your group can win Ultimate Geek Trivia! Donations requested, not required, donations matched by Dragon Con. Proceeds benefit the American Heart Association. Fri 8PM, Regency VI–VII (Hy).

Are You a Deatheater?
A Harry Potter–themed Mafia-style game! Check out the instructions ahead of time. Fri 8:30PM, International South (Hy).

Classic Sci-Fi Charity Theater: Mac & Me
Witness the 1988 kid-meets-alien movie that totally was not an, um, homage to E.T. It’s this year’s movie watch for charity—you have to donate to the Dragon Con charity to get OUT. Proceeds benefit the American Heart Association. Fri 8:30PM, M103–M105 (M).

Coloring for Charity
Want to get out of the bustle for a little while? Come and wind down by coloring! For a coloring book or coloring page, there is a suggested donation for the Dragon Con charity. Proceeds benefit the American Heart Association. Fri 8:30PM, Regency V (Hy).

Friday Night Costuming Contest
Entrants will complete in Youth, Novice, Journeyman, and Master Class categories in this costume contest focused on workmanship. Cheer on your favorites and vote in the Social Media category on the official Dragon Con Facebook. Fri 8:30PM, Atrium Ballroom (M).

Star Wars Game Night
Bring your favorite Star Wars game to share and play with new friends. We’ll have copies of the Han Solo card game on hand, but feel free to bring your favorites and find a group to play with. Donations for charity are encouraged. Proceeds benefit the American Heart Association. Fri 10PM, A706 (M).

Klingon Karaoke
yIjah, Qey’ ‘! Leila McMichael is your host for the gaghtastic musical event of the season. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Chancellor Gowron rock out to “Dancing Queen”! Fri 10PM, Galleria 2–3 (Hil).

Late-Night Ultimate Geek Trivia for Charity, Hosted by Lt. Moxie Magnus
It’s another battle of wits for a good cause! Bring 12 friends or meet 12 friendly strangers and compete against 20+ teams to see if your group can win Ultimate Geek Trivia. Comedy may not be for younger ears. Donations requested, not required. Proceeds benefit the American Heart Association. Fri 10PM, Regency VI–VII (Hy).

Video Game Improv
Our favorite characters from Video Games get down and dirty with delicious dialog. We honestly have no idea what is going to happen, and we like it that way! Mature Audiences Only. Fri 10PM, Augusta E–H (W).


Coffee and Coloring
Take a break from the Georgia heat and relax while we color, converse, and drink enormous amounts of coffee. (Bring your own coffee!) Sat 8:30AM, Augusta E–H (W).

Dragon Con Night at the Georgia Aquarium
Featuring our premier cosplay competition: Who will be “The Chosen”? Extra fee event. Sat 7:00 PM, Georgia Aquarium.

Matchgame in the 25th Century
Become a contestant as Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers himself) brings back the classic game show. Sat 7PM, International North (Hy).

Georgia Philharmonic Orchestra Presents
A special musical experience! Hear live symphonic versions of some of your favorite scores from iconic films and TV shows. Sat 7:30PM, Centennial II–-III (Hy).

Queerios Group Meetup
We’ve met on Facebook—now meet everyone in person. All your Queerios friends are invited to this meetup. Afterward we will trek over to the Spectrum LGBTQ Party to celebrate diversity and geekdom together. Sat 8:30PM, 309–312 (Hil).

MSFM Charity Games & Crafts
We’ll have card games, board games, and activity stations for a chill, relaxing evening of crafting & gaming! Donations to the Dragon Con Charity are welcome at this time as we have fun and give back. Kid Friendly. Proceeds benefit the American Heart Association. Sat 8:30PM, Chastain DE (W).

MSFM Charity Team Trivia Night
Charity donations are suggested for teams entering the contest as we raise money for the American Heart Association. Mature Audiences Only. Proceeds benefit the American Heart Association. Sat 10PM, Chastain DE (W).

YA Team Trivia
Do you know your YA books? How about those YA books made into films? From Hunger Games to Harry Potter to Shadowhunters and beyond… Come with a team of up to six people and get ready to test your skills. Prizes for the top three teams! Sat 10PM, A707 (M).

Midnight Games & Charity Coloring
Let’s play Werewolf and other late-night party games. Plus, late-night Coloring for Charity. We are going to play till we drop! Proceeds benefit the American Heart Association. Sat 11:30PM, Embassy EF (Hy).


Miss Star Trek Universe Pageant
Orions, Klingons, and Borg, oh my! Hosted by Star Trek: Voyager’s Garrett Wang and judged by a panel of celebrities. Sun 5:30PM, Grand Ballroom A–F (S).

Dragon Con Masquerade
Presenting the most spectacular masquerade contest in the known universe! Sun 8:30PM, Centennial II-III (Hy).

Heroes, Villains, & Humanity: Charity Game Show
Phase 4 of our uniquely over-the-top game based on Cards against Humanity. Be a Hero or a Villain and face off in a battle royale with your team for the ultimate bragging rights. Adult language and topics will happen, and you’ll probably laugh a lot. Remember, it’s all for a good cause! Mature Audiences Only. Proceeds benefit the American Heart Association. Sun 10PM, M302–M303 (M).

Betazed Karaoke
Karaoke sung in the traditional Betazoid fashion, whatever that means. Note: This is not a wedding—clothing IS required. Sun 10PM, Galleria 2–3 (Hil).

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