Emily Andras will not be on “Wynonna Earp Cast” Fri 11:30AM, Peachtree Ballroom (W); “Grab the Gauntlet: How to Write Good Genre TV for Everybody” Fri 2:30PM, 309–312 (Hil); “Wynonna Earp Cast” Sun 4PM, Centennial II–III (Hy).

Scott Sigler will not be on “Single Title or Series” Fri 2:30PM, Embassy CD (Hy).

Ben Davis will not be on “Hollywood Explosions vs. Real Explosions” Fri 2:30PM, 210–211 (Hil); “Chernobyl” Sat 1PM, 210–211 (Hil).

Matthew J. Brown will not be on “Look for What’s Not There: Hidden Biases in SF Media” Fr 2:30 PM, M301 (M); “Challenging Gender & Disability Representation in Star Trek” Fri 4PM, Galleria 2–3 (Hil); “Culture, Language & Its Use in Netflix’s Daredevil” Sat 5:30PM, M301 (M).

Michelle Schusterman will not be on “Timeturner: Hogwarts in the ’70s” Fri 2:30PM, A601–A602 (M); “Tweens Read, Too: Middle Grade Books” Sun 10AM, A707 (M); “Fannish YA” Sun 4PM, A707 (M); “Writing YA: Crafting Characters” Sun 5:30PM, A707 (M).

Asher Angel will not be on “Shazam Cast: Say My Name!” Fri 4PM, Centennial II–III (Hy); “Shazam Cast: Hello from Captain Sparkle Fingers” Sat 1PM, Atrium Ballroom (M); “Asher Angel Acoustic Performance” Sat 7PM, Regency VI–VII (Hy); “Andi Mack Panel” Sun 1PM, Regency VI–VII (Hy).

Cooper Andrews will not be on “Shazam Cast: Say My Name!” Fri 4 PM, Centennial II–III (Hy).

Dan dos Santos will not be on “Ideas & Inspirations of Artists” Fri 5:30PM, Grand Hall C (Hy).

Chris Schweizer will not be on “Animating Education” Fri 5:30 PM, Galleria 4 (Hil); “How Art School Can Prepare You to Make Great Comic” Sat 5:30 PM, 204I (AM2).

“The Magicians Cast” Sat 11:30AM, Imperial Ballroom (M); Sun 1PM, Centennial II–III (Hy).

Jason Stiff will not be on “Animation Movers, Shakers, & Decision Makers” Sat 1PM, Grand East (Hil); “Cartoons that Curse” Sun 10PM, Galleria 4 (Hil).

Matt Ryan will not be on “Arrow/Legends Cast: Insights from the Inside” Sat 2:30 PM, Centennial II–III (Hy).

David Anders will not be on “iZombie Cast” Sun 2:30PM, Peachtree Ballroom (W).

Paige Gardner will not be on “LGBTQ Relationships in Entertainment & Popular Culture” Sun 4PM, Inman (Hy).

“The Boys Cast: Herogasm” Sun 5:30PM, Centennial II–III (Hy).

Valentine Wolfe/Sarah Black will not be on “Slayer Support: A Buffy Fan Panel” Sun 5:30 PM, Chastain 1–2 (W).

“Robert Kurtzman On From Dusk Til Dawn” Sun 10PM, Peachtree 1–2 (W).

Jon Boutelle will not be on “Solve This!” Sun 7PM, Regency V (Hy); “Make the Bad Men Stop, 2019 edition, v2” Mon 2:30PM, Athens (S).

Scott Sutherland will not be on “Space Weather” Mon 10AM, 212–213 (Hil).

Zachary Levi will not be on “Shazam Cast: Qualities of a Hero” Mon 10 AM, Centennial II–III (Hy).

“News from the Atheism Front” Mon 10AM, 204–207 (Hil).

*NEW* Kimberly Brooks will not be on “Magical Girls Stateside” Mon 11:30AM, Grand East (Hil).

*NEW* Peter David will not be on “Just Sit Down & Write” Mon 1PM, Embassy CD (Hy).



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