Alicia Pack

Alicia Pack

Not everyone can say they watch television for homework, read novels for inspiration, and are paid to follow what’s trending. For Alicia Pack, it is all part of life as a writer and media enthusiast.  When she isn't lost in the world she is trying to create, you can find her with her nose in a book or catching up on her favorite supernatural shows.  She has a Master’s degree in Mass Communications and a Bachelor’s degree in Radio, Television, and Film.  Her nine years of diverse media experience include news writing, copywriting, website content management, social media, promotions, television production, and teaching.

Werehippos and Werefruitflies and Poop Cubes, Oh My

Come on. Admit it. You’ve wondered how a werebananaslug, werekangaroo, or werepossum would work. Scientists Mohamed Noor, Emily A. Finke, and Leighann Lord along with comedian Lali DeRosier talked about the science of making werecreatures Sunday in Hilton 209–211 at 4PM. Wanna be a werebug? There’s a science-y thing to remember. If you made a fruit fly human-size, it’d collapse… Read more →

What Flavor is Your PTSD?

If you follow superhero canon and lore at all, you’re one of us and you know that superheroes have a long history of having something traumatic happen in their past, which is often during childhood. This goes on to shape their motivations and often drives them to change an unjust world. After all, part of being a hero is overcoming… Read more →

Tripping Over Dead Bodies at the Dragon Cup and Melee

Sometimes, you feel the need. The need to grab the nearest medieval sharp, hitty stick, put on armor that would make any knight of the roundtable jealous, and pound the ever-loving gong (that’s an old-old word for dung) out of another person. And sometimes, you feel like watching other people beat each other into the ground. Luckily for Dragon Con,… Read more →

Shazam! Powered by Jackary

Shazam! Powered by Jackary

If you thought the Zachary Levi and Jack Dylan Grazer bromance was reserved strictly for the silver screen, watching a panel with them quickly dispels that notion. Dragon Con attendees saw just how deep the bromance goes at the “Shazam! Guests: Powered by the Gods” panel Friday at 1:30PM in the Hyatt Centennial II–III.  Since it’s been so long since… Read more →

Award-Winning and Bestselling Authors

Writers often hope to reach that coveted status of award-winning or bestseller. Authors Jody Lynn Nye, Robert J. Sawyer, John Scalzi, and Tamsin Silver discussed elements of fantastic stories and their top tips for new writers Monday at 9AM on the Fan Tracks channel. While there is no recipe, there are some key characteristics that typically appeal to readers. For… Read more →

Socially Distanced Drunk History: Safe from Swords

Socially Distanced Drunk History: Safe from Swords

Drunk history, held Saturday at 10PM on the Alt History YouTube channel, is where everyone is wasted and the events recounted are mostly true but told with drunken flair.  Hygiene in the Victorian Era as told by Lamia while drinking Gin from a Vortex mug  Today, we have this idea that the Victorian era was flowers, kittens, and tiny boots…. Read more →

Sexy, Snarky Scoundrels

Based on the sheer volume of Deadpools every year, it can be assumed that Dragon Con attendees love their antiheroes. But what makes an effective antihero? Authors David B. Coe, R.E. Carr, A.J. Hartley, Michael Williams, and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro discussed the key characteristics with moderator John Hartness Saturday at 2PM on the Fan Tracks channel. One resounding trait is… Read more →

Bubba, Trailer Parks, and Fish-Blood-Drinking Vampires: Adding Humor in Urban Fantasy

To be funny, or not to be funny, that is the question. Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to be overt or subtle. Writers Eric Asher, Delilah S. Dawson, Tina Glasneck, John Hartness, Faith Hunter, and Kimbra Swain waxed poetic about the noble and virtuous art of humor in urban fantasy Friday at 8PM on the Urban Fantasy YouTube channel…. Read more →

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