Alicia Pack

Alicia Pack

Not everyone can say they watch television for homework, read novels for inspiration, and are paid to follow what’s trending. For Alicia Pack, it is all part of life as a writer and media enthusiast.  When she isn't lost in the world she is trying to create, you can find her with her nose in a book or catching up on her favorite supernatural shows.  She has a Master’s degree in Mass Communications and a Bachelor’s degree in Radio, Television, and Film.  Her nine years of diverse media experience include news writing, copywriting, website content management, social media, promotions, television production, and teaching.

Would You Rather?: What Did I Sign Up For??

The Daily Dragon does not make any claims to the accuracy of the science presented in the below article as the panelists were making judgments based on personal bias and preference. You are free to answer for yourself. In a rowdy hour at the Hilton 210-211, scientists used the scientific method to determine what is the least worst option in… Read more →

Zachary Levi

Shazam!: Zachary Levi’s Journey to Superhero Status

Loveable and geeky CIA agent, Disney prince and teenager-turned-adult-and-back-to-teenager superhero, Zachary Levi enchanted the audience at the Shazam! panel Friday in Hyatt Centennial II-III. Levi aficionados know he’s played multiple memorable roles, which makes for some pretty entertaining fan questions. When asked which of his characters he identifies with the most, many in the crowd were surprised to learn it’s… Read more →

Mark Sheppard, Eddie McClintock, and Allison Scagliotti

Warehouse 13: 10th Anniversary Celebration

It’s hard to believe it has already been 10 years since we were first introduced to the agents of Warehouse 13. On Friday at the Sheraton Grand Ballroom A-F, fans of the show filed into a packed room to see Eddie McClintock, Allison Scagliotti, and Mark Sheppard talk crossovers and careers. Could a movie be in the cards? In a… Read more →

Science Track Asks the Burning Question: Does it Fart?

Daily Dragon, now in scratch ‘n’ sniff! Look for it in the Tuesday print edition. Oh. Wait. DD director says that idea stinks. And there’s no Tuesday print edition. Few questions twist your gut and are more pressing than “Does it Fart?” Audience members in the Hilton Porcelain Crystal Ballroom on Sunday explored all the things they never knew they… Read more →

Once Upon a Time: Jennifer Morrison Makes Her Dragon Con Debut

Once Upon a Time: Jennifer Morrison Makes Her Dragon Con Debut

Once Upon a Time fans rejoiced as Jennifer Morrison made her first Dragon Con panel appearance on Sunday at the Hilton Grand Salon to talk fairy tales, being a strong female role model, and directing. The yellow Volkswagen was basically a character in its own, and an early question was whether Morrison was able to drive it around. “Yeah, that… Read more →

True Ghost Stories: The Haunting of Hales Bar Dam

If you’re attracted to the paranormal, then the sordid history of Hales Bar Dam is one you’ll want to read while keeping a side-eye on the shimmering shadow in the corner. Will Aymerich, Christina Kieffer, and Lisa Shackelford talked about the investigation for their new show, True Ghost Stories, in Sheraton Savannah 1–3 on Saturday morning. Hales Bar Dam, located… Read more →

Drunk History Gets Drunker and Breaks Barriers, Drops the Axe, and Teaches Atlanta History

Drunk History Gets Drunker and Breaks Barriers, Drops the Axe, and Teaches Atlanta History

The Daily Dragon is not responsible for the accuracy of the history contained in this article. Do not quote us in an academic paper. You will fail. Unless you are writing an academic paper on drunk history. In which case, we are a citable, credible source. Also: Because this is a family-oriented publication, asterisks have been inserted to indicate *substitute your favorite… Read more →

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