Amanda Faith

Amanda Faith

Award-winning author Amanda Faith may have been raised in Dayton, but her heart and home is in the South. With a lifelong love of teaching and writing, she had plenty of encouragement from teachers and friends along the way. Loving a good puzzle has always been a fascination, and writing gives her the outlet to put all the pieces together.

Being adventurous and loving to try new things, it wasn’t long before her characters found themselves in unusual situations. She loves to put people from two different worlds into new situations and to see how they interact, taking them on journeys they would never have normally experienced.

Her current adventure working as a high school English professor turned Media Specialist, writing, and doing paranormal investigations doesn’t slow her down from having a great time with a plethora of hobbies. Her published credits include several short stories, poetry, several journal articles, her doctoral dissertation, and her award-winning book Strength of Spirit. With multiple degrees, she has a passion for learning and exploring new venues. She is a staff writer for The Daily Dragon at Dragon Con.

Solar Astronomy—LIVE!

The brightest light in our lives, the sun, doesn’t get enough respect. A program designed to give the sun proper attention ran weekend-long, Friday through Sunday, on the outside deck of the Hilton. The weather was perfect for this program, all weekend long. This year, the sun seems to be more active than in recent years. Participants received special viewing… Read more →

Belly Dance Moves You

People are usually seeking a different way to exercise, and at 11:30AM on Sunday in Hilton 404-405 instructor Alya Almee offered us a new idea. Belly dancing is an inexpensive way to tone the body and increase your cardio with just one tool – you. This class combined isolation body movements with traveling steps set to music. Almee broke everything… Read more →

Are You Loyal to the Ribbon?

Have you ever wondered about the ribbons seen hanging from the badges? Although this group is only a few years old, it has quickly grown into a tradition here at Dragon Con. “The Loyal Order of the Ribbon” met Saturday at 10AM in Hyatt Grand Hall D to exchange ribbons and mix and mingle. This group hands out ribbons to… Read more →

The Musical Talents of the Georgia Philharmonic

This is the sixth year the Georgia Philharmonic performed at Dragon Con. Each year, there has always been a level of barely-contained excitement to the anticipation of the arrangement that will be performed. Each year, we think that it can’t get any better. Each year we are wrong. It’s always better.    This year was no exception.      The Hyatt Centennial II–III was filled to capacity Saturday night at 7:30PM as people waited for… Read more →

It’s Only Supernatural

Carol Malcolm moderated the “Supernatural Cast Panel” on Friday at 11:30AM in the Westin Peachtree Ballroom with three actors who played a major role in the TV series Supernatural. Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer), Samantha Smith (Mary), and Emily Swallow (Amara) populated this panel.   The first question asked was “What was one thing that you wished would have happened with your character, but… Read more →

Let’s Get Your K-Pop On!

Let’s Get Your K-Pop On!

The energetic panel “K-Pop Dance Class” in the Hilton Galleria 8 on Friday at 5:30PM, headed up by Ayla Almee, was fun. It filled to capacity quickly, with a line outside the door. This was a popular panel, since the K-Pop is all the rage right now.    In this panel, the participants learned the moves to a clip from “Next… Read more →

How to Defend Yourself

Keith R. A. DeCandido, a third-degree blackbelt, was the speaker for the panel “Practical Self-Defense with Keith R. A. DeCandido” on Friday at 1PM in the Hilton 405. He gave a guide to some basic self-defense techniques that can be useful in difficult situations.    Rule #1: Run. If at all possible, try to avoid any physical conflict. There is no… Read more →

The Ancient Art of Paper Folding

The Ancient Art of Paper Folding

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper, and Dragon Con attendees got a taste during the panel “Origami,” Friday at 10AM in Hilton 309. Malachi Brown led this panel, handed out the materials, and the fun began. The participants were guided in making a frog that jumped from an index card. Pixie (one of the participants) was graciou Panels… Read more →

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