Amanda Faith

Amanda Faith

Award-winning author Amanda Faith may have been raised in Dayton, but her heart and home is in the South. With a lifelong love of teaching and writing, she had plenty of encouragement from teachers and friends along the way. Loving a good puzzle has always been a fascination, and writing gives her the outlet to put all the pieces together.

Being adventurous and loving to try new things, it wasn’t long before her characters found themselves in unusual situations. She loves to put people from two different worlds into new situations and to see how they interact, taking them on journeys they would never have normally experienced.

Her current adventure working as a high school English professor turned Media Specialist, writing, and doing paranormal investigations doesn’t slow her down from having a great time with a plethora of hobbies. Her published credits include several short stories, poetry, several journal articles, her doctoral dissertation, and her award-winning book Strength of Spirit. With multiple degrees, she has a passion for learning and exploring new venues. She is a staff writer for The Daily Dragon at Dragon Con.

The Legacy of Lovecraft

The Montreal/Vancouver room Sunday afternoon was standing-room only for the presentation of “Lovecraft’s Legacy.” The panel consisted of James A. Moore, Phil Nutman, Cherie Priest, Scott Allie, Stephen Segal, Mike Mignola, and the moderator, Clay Gilbert. The panel agreed that H. P. Lovecraft had a significant impact on horror fiction. Mike Mignola stated that “he put a spin on previous… Read more →


Eureka/Warehouse 13 Crossover

The Centennial II-III Room in the Hyatt on Saturday afternoon was full of excitement and energy as the casts from both Eureka and Warehouse 13 came together for an hour of discussion and Q & A from the audience. It was obvious from the start that the cast members were very comfortable, poking fun at each other. There was also… Read more →

The Best SF and Horror You’ve Never Seen

This panel in the Cairo room on Saturday evening comprised of the exceptionally accredited staff of Dr. John Flynn, Dr. Bob Blackwood, Chris Gore, and the moderator, Matthew Foster. The panel discussion started with introductions from each person. As Matthew led the way with questions, this knowledgeable staff was talking about the films that were not well known. It was… Read more →

Is There a Secular Plan to Take Over America?

This panel in the Hilton 205-207 room on Saturday morning was speaker Sean Faircloth.  He was buoyant and friendly, smiling and making small jokes to start the ball rolling. As a ten-year congressional veteran, his plan is to present a specific plan to return America to its secular roots. His belief is that there needs to be separation between church… Read more →

Develop a Story in an Hour

In this Q&A panel in the Hyatt Manilla/Singapore room on Friday morning, Gary Hayes was warm and friendly. Right off the bat, he had the audience laughing, warming them up to stimulate their creative processes. The workshop was structured around the premise that there are two ways to approach developing a story. The first is to start with a cool… Read more →

What is Filk?

This panel was held in the Hyatt Baker room on Friday morning. The guest speakers were Mark Gunn, Leslie Fish, Andrew McKey, Michelle, and Tom Smith. From the start, these musicians were comical, demonstrating how the filking community is more than a gathering; it’s family. This panel explained what filking is. Its origins started in 1936, and it had evolved… Read more →

Warehouse 13

In this Q&A panel in the Marriot M106-107 on Friday afternoon, Leigh Bennett-Conner, the X-Track director, and Rox Henkle were warm, friendly, and comical. They had the audience laughing from moment one, fielding several questions about the new series Warehouse 13. In tribute to Pete, one of the main characters, Leigh passed out cookies to all participants. Topics of the… Read more →

Making Your Podcast Sound Better

Patrick McLean, Slau, and George Hrab were the guests on this Q&A panel in the Room 201 (Hyatt) on Saturday morning. This lively group of gentlemen definitely know their craft. One of the best ways to get your podcast to sound better is to get a better sound out of yourself. Posture, clarity, diction, and what you are drinking during… Read more →

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