Amy Herring

Amy Herring

Amy L. Herring (Louise Herring-Jones) writes speculative fiction, with a preference for historical fantasy and alternate mystery. Her stories, appearing in fourteen anthologies, include “The Poulterer’s Tale” in God Bless Us, Every One—Christmas Carols beyond Dickens (Voodoo Rumors Media, 2019). Amy is a NaNoWriMo co-municipal liaison. She also coordinates the Huntsville (Alabama) Literary Association’s writers’ group. Visit her online at

Free Speech Endangered

Sexually explicit expression is under attack, warned a Dragon*Con Electronic Frontiers Forums (“EFF”) panel Friday night.  What can happen if you don’t copy records which prove the age of everyone baring all, etc., etc., in your webcam streaming video?  You can go to jail.  For a long time.  And this doesn’t involve passing go or collecting $200 in Monopoly bucks…. Read more →

Burton Inspires Trek Trak Fans

Star Trek: The Next Generation star LeVar Burton inspired fans gathered in the Centennial ballroom Monday. Burton spoke highly of the inclusive continuum fostered by Star Trek founder Gene Roddenberry in adding people of color and with disabilities to the cast. Burton, who portrayed the visually impaired Geordi LaForge, continues to work toward advances similar to the visor worn by… Read more →

A. C. Crispin Workshops Spawn Online Groups, Publication Success

Best-selling author Ann C. Crispin’s Dragon*Con workshops have generated two successful online writers’ groups and published stories and novels by at least six of Crispin’s students, Crispin told her Advanced Writers’ Workshop students Sunday. The workshop had a full roster of 18 students and featured self-editing and marketing/promotion this year. The first online writers’ support and critique group started as… Read more →


At Tracy and Laura Hickman’s myth workshop Friday, Tracy began to describe the benefit of outlines to writers by analogy: “If you hold a handful of marbles too tightly, the marbles start popping out.” The immediate question from one witty fan: “So, the more you tighten your grip, the more marbles will slip through your fingers?” As if this wasn’t… Read more →

D*C Tracks Cover SF TV Highlights

Dragon*Con is a haven for science fiction fans whose favorite genre is television media. According to Marc Berman, a TV analyst for (as reported in Thursday’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC), “the end of the X-Files [in 2002] signaled the end of a golden era for sci-fi” on television. Even though Buffy may have “slain her last vampire” on first-run, primetime… Read more →

A Chat with audre at the Digital Art Show

“Dragon*Con’s digital art show is one of a kind for genre fandom,” said audre, the digital show’s director. Located in Artist Alley (Marriott Imperial Ballroom), “get art the way you want,” is the slogan for the program. The show within the art show offers digital art in a variety of media: glossy canvas, glossy Light Jet™, matte Light Jet™, and… Read more →

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