Debbie Yutko

Debbie Yutko

Debbie Yutko lives near Atlanta with her husband, two children, and two cats. When she isn’t gardening, rescuing homeless kittens, or cramming math formulas into teenagers’ brains, she can be found stringing words together at her computer and dreaming of adventures in far-off lands. She is a lifelong reader of Science Fiction and Fantasy and a veteran of Dragon Con, where she enjoys attending panels and working with the talented staff of the Daily Dragon.

The Dragon Prince: Voices and Friends

The Dragon Prince: Voices and Friends

Voice actors from The Dragon Prince seemed genuinely pleased for a chance to get together during this time of isolation. Racquel Belmonte (Claudia), Jesse Inocalla (Soren), Luc Roderique (King Harrow), and Jason Simpson (Lord Viren) joined moderator Renee Cooper on “The Dragon Prince Voice Cast Panel” Monday at 11:30AM, Main Track channel, for a lively discussion of the series. Although… Read more →

The Wizard's Secret: Chemistry

The Wizard’s Secret: Chemistry

Hold onto your wizard hats, Dragon Con! Let’s blow stuff up with the magic of science! That’s exactly what Jake (Wizard IV) did during the panel “Science Demos Too Dangerous for Dragon Con,” Monday at 8:30AM on the Main Events channel. Assisted by Deuce and R.J., Jake proceeded to amaze viewers with his awesome (and dangerous enough to be banned… Read more →

Perseverance: The Search for Life on Mars

Perseverance: The Search for Life on Mars

Sunday at 3PM on the Dragon Con Fan Tracks channel, Kim Steadman and Sarah Milkovich from JPL gave viewers an in-depth presentation, complete with slides and video, of the Mars Perseverance Rover and its mission—to search for signs of life. Mars is cold, dry, and barren, yet long ago, there was water on Mars. In fact, its climate may have… Read more →

Is Baby Yoda What He Eats?

He’s adorable. He’s green (well, bluish-green, anyway). And he rarely seems to eat. Even when he’s older and decidedly greener, the only thing we see him eat is Dagobah stew. When he does chow down, is his food giving him that color? Or is it simply due to genetic cuteness? In the panel “What Would Baby Yoda Eat?” Science Track… Read more →

30 Years of The Wheel of Time: What Has Been and Will Be

For the 30th anniversary of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, Brandon Sanderson, Jason Denzel, and Michael Livingston joined moderator Jennifer Liang, Saturday at 5:30PM on the High Fantasy Track YouTube channel, to discuss the enduring popularity and upcoming TV adaptation of the series. Although the panelists discovered the series in different ways, they were hooked from book one, The… Read more →

Dragon Con Tosses a Panel to Your Witcher: Season One

Witcher fans Seth Lockhart (moderator), Rachel Carr, Rebecca Fant, and J.F. Lewis discussed their takes on the first season of Netflix’s The Witcher during the panel “Dragon Con High Fantasy Track presents The Witcher Season One” at 7PM Friday on the Dragon Con High Fantasy YouTube channel. The panelists came to the franchise from different adaptations. Lockhart, Carr, and Lewis… Read more →

Dwarves, Barrels, Food Fights, and Song

Adam Brown (Ori), Jed Brophy (Nori), Stephen Hunter (Bombur), and William Kircher (Bifur) gathered from the far-flung reaches of the world (England, Australia, and New Zealand) for the panel “Dwarves on the Loose!” Friday at 5:30PM (Main Events channel) to reminisce about their time as Dwarves in The Hobbit films. Moderator Brian Richardson posed questions submitted by fans, beginning with… Read more →

I Need a Villain

But how do you make him or her (wouldn’t dream of leaving you out, Maleficent, Delores, Cersei) more than a cardboard, mustache-twirling stereotype? Eric R. Asher, Jim Butcher, Faith Hunter, Jeanne C. Stein, and R.R. Virdi discussed the traits of great villains on “Necessary Evil: Villains in Urban Fantasy,” Friday at 2PM on the Fan Tracks channel, moderated by Carol… Read more →

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