Desiree Jackson

Desiree Jackson is no stranger to Dragon*Con and conventions in general. She's attended and worked in various capacities at different conventions for almost 15 years. Her devotion to fandom was sealed when introduced to fan fiction (by her mom) in high school. Although she mainly volunteers as a beta reader, Desiree has been known to write a story here and there. She's an avid science fiction fan and is excited to be working with the Daily Dragon this year.  She is thankful to be working with her talented and devoted (both to her and to scifi & the Daily Dragon) husband, Jason.

Reading Between the Lines: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Sherrilyn Kenyon had her first individual panel on Saturday at 2:30PM.  In addition to the bevy of questions asked about her wildly popular Dark-Hunter series, fans got the opportunity to ask about a variety of topics such as her Lords of Avalon series and her forthcoming Chronicles of Nick series, as well as her often-mentioned love of manga. On the… Read more →

Charting the Uncharted Territories – Farscape

In honor of the 10th anniversary of Farscape, the American SciFi Television track welcomed Lani John Tupu, Virginia Hey, Claudia Black, and Ben Browder to the stage in the Centennial Ballroom on Saturday.  Ben Browder opened the panel by warning the audience that the panel was being broadcast on DCTV and to watch what was asked and, he remarked, what… Read more →

Paul McGillion’s One Man Show!

On Friday afternoon the Stargate Multiverse track was slated to open their 2009 schedule at 11:30AM in the Marriott Atrium ballroom with a guest “super gate” panel consisting of Paul McGillion and Joe Flanigan from Stargate Atlantis.  However, due to unforeseen consequences, it was left to McGillion to handle the panel by himself.  He started things off by apologizing for… Read more →

In Memoriam: A Tribute to Don S. Davis

On June 29th of this year, Don S. Davis, a noted science fiction actor known for his portrayal of Dana Scully’s father in The X-Files as well as Major General George Hammond in Stargate SG-1, passed away suddenly from a heart attack. Mr. Davis had planned to be a guest at Dragon*Con this year, also having been a guest of… Read more →

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