Geoff Termorshuizen

After a lifetime of science fiction and fantasy influences, the last twenty of which have been spent in IT, Geoff Termorshuizen is applying for his Ph.D. in Strategic Security after finishing a B.A in Political Science and M.Sc.'s in Cyber Security and MIS. He currently works as a technical consultant for ACI Worldwide, supporting security and financial payment systems. You can find him at Con either at the the DailyDragon room, or via the EFF track where he has presented panels on digital forensics, privacy, cyberwar, surveillance and technology related politics.

Space-based Solar Power

Renewable energy is evermore on the forefront of the ongoing crisis to power our daily lives. Mankind’s dependence on fossil fuels as our primary source of power since the industrial revolution has created a society largely at the mercy of those who control these resources. With technology developing at ever-faster speeds, new ideas and techniques are being employed to combat… Read more →


Dragon*Con has a long history of blood collection, and not only in the panels, pageants, and wrestling ring. In partnership with the Heinlein Society and LifeSouth, over 1000 units have been collected at Dragon*Con to date, with the Heinlein Society blood drives having collected a total of 3,342 units as of July, 2008. Last year, 450 people offered their time… Read more →

Ve Vant Your Blood

After two major operations and multiple blood transfusions, Robert Heinlein started his convention blood drives in 1976 at WorldCon in Kansas City. He would only talk to or sign autographs for people who had donated blood. Since that start in ‘76, it has become a tradition at many sci-fi conventions.

Drain a Vein

Once again, the Heinlein Society and Life South Blood Services are hosting the Dragon*Con blood drive. Started by Robert Heinlein as a way for the SciFi and Fantasy convention attendees to “Pay It Forward,” the wonderful staff from Life South are collecting your blood. The friendly staff quickly and efficiently breezed me through the lineup, and got me tapped. The… Read more →

Mythbusting for Fun and Profit

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara had their flight delayed. Tory Belleci bravely took the stage by himself to thunderous applause from the audience. In true Mythbuster fashion, his first act as solo presenter was to bust the myth of his IMDB entry. Written by an acquaintance, Tory quickly denied the rumor that he was adopted and… Read more →

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