Kelly McCorkendale

Kelly McCorkendale is a dog-lover, avid quilter, and occasional creative writer who loves the color orange and boycotts cable (except Game of Thrones because, well, what if winter is coming!?). After college, she realized poets weren’t in demand, so she shipped off to Madagascar with Peace Corps. Since then, she’s found a niche working on health systems in Africa but has a long-list of life tasks yet to be fulfilled--such as perform blackmail, learn a trade, and become a competitive eater. She has an MA in International Education, believes rice is the elixir of life, and, in high school, won the best supporting actress honor for the state of Missouri. She may also recite poetry (her first love) when imbibing in alcohol.

Doctor Who: The Return of RTD

On Monday at 11AM, Dragon Con panelists waxed thoughtful about the return of RTD (that’s Russell T. Davies) to the Whoverse as showrunner and writer. Davies famously relaunched, rebooted, and reimagined Doctor Who for the 21st Century in 2005 and when he introduced David Tennant as the 10th Doctor. He left the show in 2011, and panelists Caro McCully, Mike… Read more →

The Beginning and the End: Legends of Tomorrow

The Beginning and the End: Legends of Tomorrow

On Friday at 1PM, Arthur Darvill and Olivia Swann met in the Marriott Atrium Ballroom to talk about Legends of Tomorrow, which ended its seven-season run earlier this year. Moderated by Kevin Bachelder, the panel fielded audience questions and talked about the joy of hopping time in the Waverider with a changing cast on a show that embraced diversity. Bachelder… Read more →

The Legend, the Myth, the Rocket Man: Elton John Turns 75

On Friday at 11:00AM, Elton John super fans Mike Faber, Kornflake, Rob Levy, and Kyle McGraw—with moderator Caro Mccully —joined Dragon Con virtually to reflect on the music and pop culture defying career of Sir Elton John, who turned 75 on March 25 of this year amidst his farewell tour, 52 years after his first hit, “Your Song.” They discussed his… Read more →

The Many Lives of Doctor Who’s The Master

For Saturday’s virtual …And You Will Obey Me: Doctor Who’s The Master at 50 on the Brit Track YouTube channel, panelists (and podcasters) Brian Doob, Michael Falkner, Sue Kisenwether, Rob Levy, and Dr. Scott Viguie, as moderated by Rob in the Hat, discussed The Master’s many incarnations, story arcs, and lasting impact on Doctor Who. Since his introduction in 1971,… Read more →

The Boys (and Girls) Have Arrived

The Boys (and Girls) Have Arrived

If you’ve seen The Boys, you know the shadowy corporation Vought is the big bad, but its whole team of market-saturated “supes”? Not former Christian ingénue Starlight, who’s gone vigilante with the titular boys (and their impressive girls). Nor Queen Maeve, who crossed over at end of season two, joining he boys to whoop the ass of evil incarnate itself…. Read more →

Not the Pandemic We Dreamed but the Pandemic We Deserved

On Saturday at 8AM, fan track Apocalypse Rising hosted public health expert Dorothy Lowry, food scientist George Cavender, and geophysicist Mika McKinnon to talk about the coronavirus pandemic and general disaster preparedness since 2020 has turned, seemingly, into one big cluster that has robbed us of everything normal and joyful. (Case in point: no in-person Dragon Con.) And, as moderator… Read more →

Puppeteers of Color Talk Representation in Front of and Behind the Camera

On Friday at 11:30AM, Kevin Clash, Aymee Garcia, and Noel MacNeal—with moderator Raymond Carr—joined Dragon Con virtually to dish all things puppetry as a person of color then, now, and into the future. The puppeteers started by discussing their earliest professional experiences. MacNeal, who attended the Pratt Institute, traveled to Paris to do a series of commercials with an instructor… Read more →

Black Lightning Strikes Dragon Con Again

The cast of Black Lightning once again proved to be a class act as they visited with Dragon Con attendees in the Hilton Grand Salon on Sunday morning in anticipation of Season 3, which drops in October. The titular superhero himself, Cress Williams, was joined by Nafessa Williams, James Remar, and Jordan Calloway and talked about everything from how it… Read more →

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