Kevin Shirley

Jump In: An Easy Entry into Star Wars

Star Wars at Dragon Con launched their 2021 virtual programming on Dragon Con TV’s Main Channel 2 Thursday evening when track director Brandy Roatsey welcomed Daniel Eisenhauer, Alex Damon (@StarWarsExplain), Myles Willis, and Bria LaVorgna (@chaosbria) to answer the question “how does one enter the world of Star Wars?”   The panel agreed that anyone interested in the franchise should enter… Read more →

Infinite Riker Games

Infinite Riker Games

The Trek Track convened its second annual Infinite Riker Games Sunday at 4PM in Hilton Galleria 2–3. Originally launched as part of the track’s 2020 Dragon Con Goes Virtual programming, the competition has now moved in person. Judges graded contestants on the 5 essential “aspects” of Riker: dexterity, charisma, strength, constitution, and Trombone. Winner: Dan Collis Fan Choice: Brian Spaz… Read more →

Tips & Tricks Every GM Can Use

Rucht Lilavivat, Dragon Con Table Top Gaming Track Director, and Sean Molley joined in a virtual discussion Sunday at 5PM on Dragon Con TV’s Fan Track channel to share tips every game master can use. Both have won the Dragon Con Top Game Master Award before and collectively have more than sixty years of gaming experience. They began with a… Read more →

Educators and Scientists: The Conduit to Fandom

Saturday at 1PM, the Diversity Track hosted a panel discussion in Hyatt Inman on the power and potential of science and social studies to take advantage of fantasy and science fiction in the classroom. Eric Thomas, Joy Hatcher, Glenn Paris, Nicholas Hoo, and Melanie Duncan explored the world of STEM, STEAM, social studies, ELA, the kind of contribution science fiction… Read more →

Exploring The Mandalorian with The Armorer and the Doctor

At the Saturday “The  Mandalorian: The Armorer & The Doctor” panel at 2:30PM in the Hilton Grand Salon, Omid Abtahi (Dr. Pershing) and Emily Swallow (The Armorer) joined moderator Tony Gowell for a freewheeling Q&A exploring the Star Wars universe and their roles in it.  For both actors, working on The Mandalorian and being part of the Star Wars universe… Read more →

Going All In with Star Trek: Discovery

Going All In with Star Trek: Discovery

DragonConTV’s Main Events streaming went live from the Marriott Atrium Ballroom Saturday at 4PM for the “Star Trek: Discovery” Q&A. Erin P. MacDonald moderated the session that featured Sonequa Martin-Green, Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman, Noah Averbach-Katz, and Rekha Sharma. The hour was an intriguing mix of conversation about Star Trek, its importance, and the commitment required to do it well.  … Read more →

Actor William Shatner speaking to a Dragon Con audience

The Bard: William Shatner

On a beautiful Saturday morning, as another successful Dragon Con Parade wound down, congoers filled the Marriott Atrium ballroom and jumped on Dragon Con TV’s streaming channel to welcome and revel in the tales of “O Captain, My Captain—William Shatner” at 11:30AM. Another classic Shatner session, the hour covered tales that ranged far and wide but ultimately celebrated the complexity… Read more →

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