Maggie Birge-Caracappa

Maggie Birge-Caracappa

By day, Maggie Birge-Caracappa is the editorial director at a medical communications company in Yardley, PA.

The rest of the time, Maggie sees to the needs of her kitty overlords; polices the grammar on all kinds of published material including signage, menus, and food packaging; and cuddles with her wife while watching her favorite shows (Killjoys, Game of Thrones, and Doctor Who among them). She continues to be far too excited to be working for the Daily Dragon.

You can find Maggie at her blog, and on Twitter @inmysizeblog.

They Yeeted Us with SCIENCE!

There seems to be nothing that geeks enjoy more than engaging in a hypothetical debate and “Can You Yeet It? (For Science),” at 4PM Saturday on the Science Track YouTube, was a prime example. The definition of yeet, for those who might not be in the know, according to the Cambridge dictionary is “to throw something with a lot of… Read more →

Gonzo Means Bizarre

If the virtual version of the Gonzo Quiz Show on the Main Events channel Friday at 7PM was weird and full of chaotic energy, then one can only imagine what the live show is like. Never having seen the live show myself, I wasn’t at all sure what to expect. If you’re like me, the best way to describe it… Read more →

Zoey’s Extraordinary World

The American Sci-Fi and Fantasy Media track streamed a live panel discussion about NBC’s Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist on their YouTube and Facebook channels Friday at 3PM. The panelists jumped right in on their discussion of season 1 and some of their hopes and speculations about the already-confirmed season 2. One of the first topics discussed was how each of the… Read more →

Get Connected Virtually with Discord

Get Connected Virtually with Discord

Although our beloved Dragon Con couldn’t avoid the curveballs that 2020 has thrown at all of us, the powers that be have done everything they can to give Dragon Con Goes Virtual as much of that in-person feel as they can. One of the many ways fans who are used to seeing each other face-to-face can connect is with the… Read more →

Companions in Time and Space (And Conversation!)

Catherine Tate and Freema Agyeman (in her first Dragon Con appearance) graced Hilton’s Grand Salon Saturday and answered fans’ burning questions about how it felt to explore time and save the universe beside the 10th Doctor, played by David Tennant. Tate, with her characteristic quick wit and silliness, wooed the audience from the word go, calling the silver carafe of… Read more →

The Sport of Chair Racing with the 10th Doctor

In a fight between the Doctor and Killgrave, with Crowley as the referee, who would survive? According to David Tennant, Crowley, hands down. Why? Because Crowley would just get bored and walk away. That’s hard to argue against, but then again, who knows what wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey tricks the Doctor might have up his sleeve? And couldn’t Killgrave just tell them… Read more →

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