Nancy Northcott

Nancy Northcott is a lifelong fan of comics, science fiction, fantasy, and history. She's the author of The Herald of Day, the first book in the Boar King's Honor historical fantasy trilogy, and the Light Mage Wars paranormal romantic suspense novels. Collaborating with Jeanne Adams, she writes the Outcast Station space opera series.

Under the Bat Signal

Four comic book creators formed the “Batman & The Heroes of Gotham” panel on Friday afternoon in the Hyatt International North. Moderator Jami Jones, artists Craig Rousseau, Alex Sinclair, and Babs Tarr, and writer Gail Simone discussed the continuing appeal of the Batman family. Jones opened the panel by asking each of the creators to name the Bat books on… Read more →

A Weapon Through the Ages

A Weapon Through the Ages

On Sunday afternoon in the Hyatt, Thomas Riley and Josh Waters presented “The Evolution of the Medieval Sword.” They explored the changes in swords by function and typography. The program focused on European swords because the katana has not changed in hundreds of years. The discussion began with an explanation of the parts of a medieval arming sword, which is… Read more →

Intellectual Property and Fandom: An Interview with Courtney Lytle

Intellectual Property and Fandom: An Interview with Courtney Lytle

Courtney Lytle is a practicing attorney and an adjunct professor at Emory University School of Law. She specializes in intellectual property law, an area of particular interest to fandom in general and to fanfic writers, cosplayers, and fan artists in particular. She regularly speaks about intellectual property at professional conferences and fan conventions. Daily Dragon (DD): What does intellectual property… Read more →

Killjoys: Johnny and Lucy, Live and in Person

Any Killjoys fan knows two things: The Warrant is All, and keep your hands off John Jaqobis or Lucy will electrocute you. That didn’t keep the crowd from showing Aaron Ashmore (Jaqobis) and Tamsen McDonough (Lucy) all the love at the “Killjoys Cast: Upgrades of Awesome” panel Sunday afternoon in the Hilton Grand West ballroom. It was clear that Ashmore… Read more →

Teen Heroes Come Into Their Own

Moderator Tony Barletta and artists George Perez and Joe Benitez made up the “Teen Titans Through the Years panel” on Friday afternoon in the Hyatt. Barletta opened the discussion by noting that there was a Teen Titans series in the 1960s featuring sidekicks of DC lead heroes. The series reboot in the 1980s featured Robin, Wonder Girl, and Kid Flash… Read more →

Myths and Magic: An Hour with Ilona Andrews

On Saturday morning, the Ilona Andrews writing team, Gordon and Ilona Andrews, entertained questions from their fans in the Hyatt Centennial I. Moderator Carol Malcolm kicked off the discussion by asking the pair how they collaborate. Gordon answered that he generally writes the male characters while his wife writes the women and that they do the fight scenes together. He… Read more →

Armed and Capable: Women in Combat Sports

The Women in Combat Sports panel on Friday morning offered a discussion of women’s participation in different sports involving physical conflict. Morgan Hampe moderated a panel that included Amy Graham, Kristin Story, Dawn Assumma, Jayelle Barnes, and Christine Napolitano. The panelists began by explaining the different sports in which they’re involved. Story engages in historical European martial arts (HEMA). Her… Read more →

Blurring the Genre Lines in Fantasy

The members of the Genre Bending panel on Friday afternoon in the Fantasy Literature track discussed figuring out where the lines are between different subgenres of fantasy. Chris Kennedy, the moderator, noted that 64 subgenres of fantasy, including erotic and Christian, came up in his search as he prepared for the panel. He then asked the other panelists, L. Jagi… Read more →

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