Nancy Northcott

Nancy Northcott is the Comics Track Director for ConTinual. She's also a lifelong fan of comics, science fiction, fantasy, and history. Her published works include the Boar King's Honor historical fantasy trilogy and the Arachnid Files romantic suspense series. Collaborating with Jeanne Adams, she also writes the Outcast Station science fiction mystery series.

Cyberwar and the Future

During the Electronic Frontiers Forum panel “Cyberwar and the Future of Cyber Conflict” (Sunday 10AM), Internet security expert Bruce Schneier gave the audience an overview of recent cyber attacks and issues in cyber security.  He began by defining cyber war as the “spectrum of state-sponsored actions in cyberspace.” In April, 2011, Estonia suffered an attack on its government sites, one… Read more →

Vampires with an Abbott and Costello Twist: An Interview with John Hartness

Author John G. Hartness had an unusual path to finding a publisher.  He self-published the first three volumes of his series, The Black Knight Chronicles, before selling them to Writing track sponsor Belle Bridge Books. Daily Dragon (DD):  How would you describe your series? John G. Hartness (JGH):  I call it comedic urban fantasy.  It’s hero-driven using classic comedy tropes. … Read more →

An Introduction to Chemical Warfare

The speaker on the Science Track panel “Chemical Warfare—An Introduction” (Saturday 4PM) Erica Borgers Klonkowski, a biochemist at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, took the audience on a whirlwind tour of the history, development, and modern use of chemical weapons.  A chemical agent, she said, is a chemical compound used in tactical warfare.  Some people consider anthrax a chemical weapon,… Read more →

The Many Faces of Richard Dean Anderson

The Many Faces of Richard Dean Anderson

The “Richard Dean Anderson” panel on Friday at 1PM kicked off with tremendous applause at the star’s entrance.  The program followed a Q&A format, with runners distributing paper and pencils for questions and then delivering them to the moderator. Asked for his impressions of Dragon*Con, Richard Dean Anderson said he had been to Atlanta once before, shooting a “movie of the… Read more →

An Hour of Rocket Science

An Hour of Rocket Science

The “Lights! Cameras! Explosions! It’s the Rocket City Rednecks!” panel started on a casual note on Friday 11:30AM.  The panelists, Charles Taylor, Dr. Travis Taylor, and Greg “Rog” Jones, from National Geographic Channel’s popular program Rocket City Rednecks chatted with fans until time for the panel to begin. They opened their presentation with Travis Taylor telling the audience a bit… Read more →

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