Paul J. Iutzi

Paul J. Iutzi

Moscow, Innsbruck, Cairo, Tokyo, New Delhi, Santiago: these are just some of the far-flung places and exotic locales where you will not find Paul J. Iutzi. Instead, you must seek out the little known hamlet of Normal, Illinois, where he lives on a vast, perhaps even palatial, estate, spending most of his time dodging the owners and their dog Chambrié. Between escapades of astounding interest, he manages to find time to both write what will in later generations be seen as the greatest works of the English language since Brother Michael of Sashay-upon-the-Wabe first split the infinitive during that heady spring of 812 A.D.

Hangface Røcks Dragon*Con

Daggi Helling, Hogne Rundberg, Espen Høgmo, and Bjørnar Flaa are Hangface, a Norwegian hard rock band, newly returned to the U.S. They have teamed with legendary rock producer Eddie Kramer (who has worked with such greats as Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, The Beatles, and David Bowie) to take the American music scene by storm. They dropped by… Read more →

Of Schoolgirls and Hell-Spawn

OK, so, what do Catholic schoolgirls and hell-spawn have in common? Well, besides plaid skirts?  Why, Thursday night at Dragon*Con, of course! Where else in the world (or beyond it) could you listen to classic Van Halen wail from the Catholic schoolgirl-dressed guitarist of the band McFly, and then walk a few dozen yards to catch the band Helltrash pound… Read more →

Thursday Night Concerts

Winding my way through stormtroopers and swashbucklers in the lobby of the Hyatt as the flag of Cobra waved overhead, it finally hit me: Dragon*Con had begun. And what better way to kick off Dragon*Con than jamming to the Thursday night concerts? To start Dragon*Con off right, you could either do five triple shots of espresso while chewing on a… Read more →

Galactic Civil War Reenactment or “Hey! That Guy’s in Stormtrooper Armor!”

If you’ve been in the lobby of either the Marriott or the Hyatt, you can’t miss them. Imperial stormtroopers have entered the building. And, it’s not just stormtroopers. This year’s Dragon*Con is host to jedi, x-wing pilots, TIE fighter pilots, Boba Fetts (or is that Fetti?), and just about every other costume found in any frame of one of the… Read more →

Martian Meeting

Martian Meeting

“The God of War approacheth as the Sun doth rise, and thou shalt know that the morrow bringeth the Conclave Draconic.” Yes, dear reader, this year’s Dragon*Con has been presaged by an event of truly astronomical import. The planet Mars, the bloody red orb, the planet in the solar system closest to ours, is closer to Earth than it has… Read more →

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