2007 Programming Changes

*The default is the Hyatt if no hotel is indicated.

Guest Changes





Guest Changes

The following guests will be unable to attend Dragon*Con 2007:

  • Aaron Allston
  • Sean Astin
  • Jeff Austin
  • Adam Baldwin
  • James Cawley
  • Richard Epcar
  • Evan Fowler
  • Lance Henriksen
  • Christopher Irving
  • Virginia Hey
  • Brandon Scott Jerwa
  • C. Andrew Nelson
  • Jan Osburg
  • Teresa Patterson
  • Mary Jo Putney
  • Bobby Rice
  • Katee Sackhoff
  • Crab Scrambly
  • Tiffany Shepis
  • Jolie S. Simmons
  • Harry Turtledove
  • Stolen Babies
  • Tim Vigil



The following guest has been added: Alicia Witt

L.A. Banks will be on the "Best Within" Fri 4PM, Hanover/Montreal.

"Done the Impossible: The Fans’ Tale of Firefly & Serenity" Q&A and movie screening with Creator/Director Brian Wiser. Fri 10PM Fulton/Cobb (Hil).

Patti Starr will be on "Tappng Your Psychic Potential" Fri 10PM and "Ghost Chasers" Sat 2:30PM Roosevelt/Monroe (Hil); or signing autographs Mon 2:30PM, Imperial Ballroom (M)

“Paranormal State” This Dec., A&E will premiere Paranormal State, a series chronicling the life of Penn State Univ. student Ryan Buell and members of one of the first university sanctioned Paranormal Research Societies as they seek the truth behind terrifying real life mysteries. A 10-minute sneak peek will be followed by a Q&A with Ryan Buell and team members Eilfie Music , Sergey Poberezhny , and Chip Coffey . Sat 10AM, International North.

The Dragons of Autumn Twilight Dragonlance movie trailer will be shown during “Battlestar to Serenity: What’s New from MWP, Ltd.” Sat 10AM, Regency V.

“Striking Ancient Skies” (SPACE) Sat 10AM, Forsythe (Hil).

Josepha Sherman will be in “Effective Tools for Making that First Sale” Sat 2:30PM, Manilla/Singapore and “Weaving Plot, Character, Setting, Theme, and Style Into a Great Work of Fiction” Sun 10AM, Manilla/Singapore.

Christina Barber and Joseph Dickerson will be joining Eugie Foster at her Dragon*Reading Sat 2:30PM, Roswell.

“Demo of Icarus Studios’ MMO‘Fallen Earth’” Sat 3PM, M108-M109 (M)

L.A. Banks will be signing autographs Sat 5:30PM Imperial Ballroom (M).

Graham Watkins will be on "Skeptics vs Believers" Sat 5:30PM, Hanover C/D/E.

Alicia Witt will be conducting a Q&A after the screening of her short film, “Belinda’s Swansong,” before the Pirates of the Great Salt Lake screening. Sat 7PM, International North. “Living Off the Land in Space” (SPACE) Sat 7PM, Forsythe (Hil).

“Late Night Machinima Screenings” Featuring machinima music videos and award-winning series episodes “The Adventures of Bill and John,” “Civil Protection,” “The Grind,” “Neverending Nights,” and more. Sun 3AM & Mon 4AM, Learning Center.

“Yahoo Groups Dragon*Con Get-together” Meet online buddies and be impressed by the wit and wisdom of the Internet Elders Sun 4PM, Clayton (Hil).

Adult Swim will be signing autographs Sun 4PM, International North.

Anne Petty will be signing Sun 4PM, Imperial Ballroom (M).

“Group Hypnotic Inductions” Come join Dee Bitner as she plays with your heads Sun 8:30PM, Roosevelt/Monroe (Hil).

Troma’s latest film screening Sun 12AM, Hanover C/D/E.

“Paul Mercer & Friends Open Violin Jam” Mon 12:30PM (30 min), Concourse Stage.

“Emerald Rose” Mon 2PM (30 min), Concourse Stage.

“Star Wars Costuming: The Dark Side” Siths and dark Jedi, costume discussion from the dark side of the Force. Mon 4PM, Dunwoody.



Aaron Allston will not be signing autographs Fri 1PM, Imperial Ballroom (M) or appearing in “In the Beginning” Fri 2:30PM, Manilla/Singapore; “Prop Challenge” Fri 7PM, Dunwoody; “Star Wars: Words of the Force” Sat 1PM, Dunwoody; “Star Wars: The Cultural Phenomenon” Sat 7PM, Dunwoody; “The Star Wars Cantina Ball” Sat 10PM, International South (Hil); “The Star Wars Charity Auction” Sun 10AM, Dunwoody; and “The Future of Fantastic Fiction” Mon 4PM, Manilla/Singapore.

Tiffany Shepis will not be signing autographs Fri 1PM, Imperial Ballroom (M), or reading Sun 5:30PM, University.

“LiftPort: Tethered Towers” Fri 8:30PM, Forsythe (Hil).

Lexa Doig will not be in “Andromeda Cast Reunion” Sat 10AM, Centennial II-III, and “The Captain’s Call” Sun 11:30AM, Regency VI-VII.

“How to View Space Satellites From Your Own Backyard” Sat 10AM, Forsythe (Hil).

“Worm Quartet” Sat 11AM (30 min), Concourse Stage.

Brandon Scott Jerwa will not be appearing in “Short Cuts” Sat 11:30AM, Manilla/Singapore, or “Our Four-Color Fighting Forces” Sat 4PM, Fayette/Newton/Rockdale (Hil); reading Sun 1PM, Roswell; or signing autographs Sun 2:30PM, Imperial Ballroom (M).

“Eclipse” LARP (Red Button Production). Sat 1PM, Marriott.

Harry Turtledove wil not be reading Sat 1PM, University; signing autographs Sun 4PM, Imperial Ballroom (M); or on panels: "Effective Tools for Making that First Sale" Sat 2:30PM, Manilla/Singapore; "Showcase: Harry Turtledove" Sun 8:30PM, Greenbriar; and "Stretching Your Envelope as a Writer" Mon 11:30AM Manilla/Singapore.

James Cawley will not be on "Star Trek: New Voyages" Sat 5PM, "TrekTrak Presents ‘World Enough and Time’" Sat 7PM, "Star Trek XI: The Search For (A New) Spock" Sat 8:30PM, "Professional Star Trek Costume Building" Sun 10AM, and "The Missing Minority" Sun 11:30AM all in Baker, and "2007 Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pagent" Sun 4PM, Regency VI-VII.

Bobby Rice will not be on "Star Trek: New Voyagers" Sat 5PM, "TrekTrak Presents ‘World Enough and Time’" Sat 7PM, both in Baker, and "2007 Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant" Sun 4PM, Regency VI-VII.

Evan Fowler will not be on "Star Trek: New Voyagers" Sat 5PM, "TrekTrak Presents ‘World Enough and Time’" Sat 7PM, both in Baker, and "2007 Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant" Sun 4PM, Regency VI-VII.

"Horror in Gaming" Sat 7PM M106-M107 (M).

C. Andrew Nelson will not be appearing in “Star Wars: The Cultural Phenomenon” Sat 7PM, Dunwoody; “The Star Wars Cantina Ball” Sat 10PM, International South; “Star Wars Costume Contest” Sun 5:30PM, Regency VI-VII; “Star Wars: Trivia” Sun 8:30PM, Dunwoody; or “Star Wars Charity Auction” Sun 10PM, Dunwoody.

Richard Hatch will not be on “From Page to Screen” Sat 8:30PM, Manilla/Singapore, and “My Eyes! My Eyes!” Sat 10PM, Fairlie.

L.A. Banks wil not be appearing in "Women Artists—Their Tragedies and Their Triumphs" Sun 5:30PM and will not be reading Sun 7PM, Hanover F.

Sarah Wilkinson will not be in “Star Wars Charity Auction” Sun 10AM, Dunwoody (Hil), and “Women Artists: Their Tragedies and Their Triumphs” Sun 5:30PM, Hanover F.

Eugie Foster will not be reading at “Aberrant Dreams: The Awakening” Sun 4PM, Williams, or signing autographs Mon 11:30AM, Imperial Ballroom (M).

“Drawn from Middle-Earth: Artists of Arda” Mon 10AM, Clayton (Hil).

Steve Niles will not be in “Tools for Ghouls” Mon 11:30, Fayette/Newton/Rockdale (Hil), and “Monsters in Our Midst” Sat 1PM, Montreal/Vancouver.

Diana G. Gallagher will not be appearing in “Star Trek Authors Cavalcade: The Ladies” Mon 11:30AM, Baker.



“Bringing Your Costume to Life” is at 11:30AM (not 11:30PM) Sat, Clayton (Hil).

“Star Wars: Trivia” will only be one hour long, Sun 8:30PM, Dunwoody.



Martha Wells may be delayed due to flight cancellation 10AM Saturday reading.

Matt Kelland, co-author of Machima and creative director of UK-based Short Fuze, will replace Adam Freese on “Machinima 101” Sat 10AM, Learning Center.

“The Great Observatories” moved from 7PM to 11:30AM Sat, Forsythe (Hil).

“The Shortest Step: The First 200 Miles” moved from Sat 11:30AM to Fri 8:30PM, Forsythe (Hil).

Elizabeth Donald will be signing autographs Sat 1PM instead of Sat 11:30PM.

“Battlestar Galactica LARP” (Nightfall Production) moved from Sun 1PM to Sat 1PM, Marriott.

“Science, Skepticism and Sleight-of-Hand” moved from 11:30AM to 1PM Sat, Henry (Hil).

“The Lone Gunmen Talk About Conspiracies!” Sat 1PM, will be in Hanover C/D/E.

”Pitch Black: An Hour With Claudia Black” will be in Centennial I Sat 1PM.

Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, Justine Larbalestier, Scott Westerfeld, and Maureen Johnson will be on “New Voices in YA,” Sat 4PM Gwinnett (Hil).

Crossed Swords moved from 10AM, International Ballroom, to Sat 4PM, Centennial I.

“Making SF and Fantasy Films” replaced by a screening of Gordon Woolvet’s “Fracture.” Gordon Woolvet, best known for Andromeda, directs this SF thriller starring his Andromeda cast mates. Q&A to follow. Sat 4PM, Learning Center.

Tracy Akers and Todd McCaffrey will be on “Harry Potter Prophecies: Revealed” Sat 5:30PM Gwinnett (Hil).

Ghost Hunters will be doing a Q&A Sat 5:30, Hanover C/D/E.

“Skeptics vs Believers” Sat 5:30PM, moved to Roosevelt/Monroe (Hil).

Kathleen David, Holly Black, and Keith DeCandido will be on “From Page to Screen” Sun 11:30AM Gwinnett (Hil).

Josepha Sherman, Diana Gallagher, Justine Larbalestier, Eugie Foster, and Maureen Johnson will be on “Chicks Rule” Sun 1 PM Gwinnett (Hil).

Josepha Sherman, Heidi Heiner, Kathleen David, and Keith DeCandido will be on “The Power of the Old Stories – Folklore and Fairytales in YA” Sun 2:30 PM Gwinnett (Hil).

“Apocalyptic Family Feud” moved from 4PM to Sun 2:30PM, Madison (Hil).

“Charm-ing Dragons” moved from Fri 4PM to Sun 2:30PM, Hanover F.

“Gesture Drawing” moved from Sun 2:30PM to Fri 4PM, Hanover G.

Diana Herald, Susan Fictelerg, Bonnie Kunzel, Todd McCaffrey, and Justine Larbalestier will be on “Around the World” Sun 4PM Gwinnett (Hil).

Dave Faustino’s Q&A Sun 4PM International North moved to 2:30PM Sun.

“My God Is Smitier Than Your God: The Apocalypse in Theology” moved from Sat 4PM to Sun 4PM, Madison (Hil).

Diana Herald, Susan Fictelerg, Bonnie Kunzel, Tracy Akers, and Scott Westerfield will be on “Utopia and Dystopia” Mon 10 AM Gwinnett (Hil).

Heidi Heiner, Davey Beauchamp, Diana Gallagher, and Todd McCaffrey will be on “To the Head of the Class: SF/F for Teachers” Mon 11:30 AM Gwinnett (Hil).

“Lost the Fuselage” moved from Mon 11:30AM to 1PM, Roosevelt/Monroe (Hil).

“Lone Gunman” moved from Mon 1PM to 11:30AM, Roosevelt/Monroe (Hil).

“Adding Ghostly and Other-Worldly Images to Your Art” moved from Mon 11:30AM to Fri 7PM, Hanover F.

Davey Beauchamp, Michelle Weston, and Adam Selzer will be on “Books for Boys” Mon 1 PM Gwinnett (Hil).

“Shortcuts to Sci-fi and Fantasy Imagery in Your Art” moved from Mon 2:30PM to Sun 8:30PM, Hanover F.

“Star Wars: LRPG” now “Star Wars: Role Playing” Discussing the new D20 role-playing book from Wizards of the Coast. Mon 1PM, Dunwoody.

“Jedi Inside Out” moved from 4PM to 2:30PM Mon, Dunwoody.


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