’15 Panels/Events

The Reed Richards of Georgia Tech

The Reed Richards of Georgia Tech

A mix of hard-core academics collided with practical field experience in the highly charged “Fission, Fusion, and other Energy Sources” panel. For those who couldn’t pick fission, fusion, or a bison from a police lineup, it’s pretty elemental. In the case of fission, Einstein’s famous equation for special relativity E=MC2 isn’t just a clever T-shirt slogan. When the nucleus of… Read more →

New Music to Open the Con

What an incredible way to open Dragon Con Eve. Two bands new to Dragon Con played Thursday night in the Hyatt Centennial II & III. Snoot, an Atlanta-based band, opened for the first concert at 9:30PM. They were followed at 11PM by Qiet, who came down from Charleston, WV.

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