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Bringing Out the Death: Crafting Zombies on a Budget

Whether you’re looking to scare the brains out of everyone on Halloween or craft the goriest cosplay at Dragon Con, on Sunday professional makeup artist and film director Rob Fitz shared with attendees in the Westin Chastain F-H some of his creepiest budget-friendly tips for crafting zombie makeup. For realistic lesions, festering wounds, and decaying flesh, Pros-Aide makeup sells latex-free… Read more →

Are Ewoks Teacup Wookies?: Genetics in Sci-Fi Settings

Are Ewoks Teacup Wookies?: Genetics in Sci-Fi Settings

On Sunday afternoon at the Hilton, Bethany Brookshire (@scicurious), Eric Spana (@ericspana), Tina Saey (@thsaey), and Gregory Pence with moderator Yin-Yin Wong took on the topic of genetics in different science fiction worlds. The first arena they entered was the Canadian TV series Orphan Black about a woman whose life is on the skids so she takes the identity of… Read more →

The Legality of Fanfic and Cosplay

Have you written a book? Created a gorgeous piece of artwork? Transformed your poetry from ideas onto paper? Protect yourself by registering a copyright (https://www.copyright.org). However, how do you know if you’re infringing on someone else’s copyright? The goal in creativity is expression, not litigation. In this informative panel on Sunday at the Hilton, Erica Farmer, Meredith Rose, and Courtney… Read more →

In Sync with Joey and Chris

Joey and Chris. Chris and Joey. They may have been two-fifths of a sugary boy band once worshipped by pre-pubescent girls (and some adults), but they’ve matured into a couple of dirty birds. If they were a bad drink on shameful night, they’d be rancid pinot noir—one you’d happily drink. They are willing to go anywhere for a laugh, and… Read more →

Folding Paper into Art: Origami for Beginners

Down in the basement of the Hyatt in Baker Sunday at 5:30PM was the workshop on beginning origami. Malachi Brown and Amanda Bouffier were the panelists, and patient helpers, for this standing-room-only class. Origami is the ancient art of paper folding and transforming paper into sculpture. There was no experience required to attend this panel, which made it so fun…. Read more →

Game of Thrones: All Rulers Must Die

Game of Thrones: All Rulers Must Die

They deserved it, and we secretly (no, not so secretly) loved to watch. Jack Gleeson and Alexander Siddig discussed their characters, deaths, and the future of the Iron Throne to an at-capacity Hyatt Centennial II-III crowd on Sunday. Who do you think is the most evil Game of Thrones character? Chances are that one of your top two is the… Read more →

Making Dystopia Real

The Craft of Dystopia panel brought authors Sharon Ahern, Gail Z. Martin, and Ben Fisher to the Westin’s Chastain F-H on Saturday at 2:30PM. Moderator Nathan Hamilton started by asking the panelists to introduce themselves and explain how they use dystopian settings. Ahern said she and her husband, Jerry Ahern, wrote the Survivalist series. In the books, the world is… Read more →

So Very English: An Hour with the Cast of Sleepy Hollow

So Very English: An Hour with the Cast of Sleepy Hollow

Janina Gavankar and Tom Mison didn’t wait for the moderator to introduce them to take the stage for the Sleepy Hollow panel Sunday morning in the Westin Peachtree Ballroom at 10AM. They popped out on stage waving and smiling at the crowd, at least pretending to be quite awake and lively at that hour. While the audience was getting organized… Read more →

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