2021 Special Award Winners

During the Dragon Awards ceremony, Sunday at 4PM in Hyatt Centennial I, several special Dragon Con awards were presented. The annual Julie Award, established in 1998 in honor of Julius “Julie” Schwartz, is given by a panel of industry professionals in honor of “universal achievement spanning multiple genres.” The 2021 Julie Award recipient is author Chris Claremont, known particularly for… Read more →

2021 Dragon Awards Winners

2021 Dragon Awards Winners

The winners of the 2021 Dragon Awards were presented Sunday at 4PM in Hyatt Centennial I. The winners are listed below. Best Science Fiction Novel: Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir Best Fantasy Novel (Including Paranormal): Battle Ground by Jim Butcher Best Young Adult/Middle Grade Novel: A Wizard’s Guide to Defensive Baking by T. Kingfisher Best Military Science Fiction or… Read more →

From the South Bronx to Teen Titans GO!: The Career of George Pérez

On Sunday at 1PM, the Comics and Pop Art track aired Van Allen Plexico’s virtual interview, aptly titled “The Life & Works of George Pérez,” with legendary comics artist George Pérez. When they recorded the conversation, Pérez had recently finishing doing voiceover work for an episode of Teen Titans GO! that featured him and fellow Titans creator Marv Wolfman. Although… Read more →

Creating Memories with the Ninth Doctor

It wasn’t a surprise to see the Marriott Atrium Ballroom packed at 10AM on Sunday to attend Christopher Eccleston’s Q&A panel. Moderator Rob Levy wasted no time in bringing Eccleston out on the stage to start answering questions.    Levy started things off with a question about Eccleston’s book, I Love the Bones of You, which came out in 2019 and… Read more →

2021 Friday Night Costuming Contest Winners

2021 Friday Night Costuming Contest Winners

Honorable Mentions Best Makeup: Tamara Comstock Best Tech: Thomas Bowman and Aaron Schmitt Best Use of Materials: Nicole Wilcox Best Journeyman: Janelle Santner Best Novice: Elizabeth McInturff Best Professional: Meghan Letchworth Best in Show: Jennifer Schottstaedt

Discussing Bridgerton

It’s been nearly impossible to avoid coming across the topic of Bridgerton over the last year or more, and here at Dragon Con is no different. Panelists Emily Myerscough, Amanda-Rae Prescott, Jen Johnson, along with moderator Andie La-Rosa Jimenez from the Alt History track got together to discuss Bridgerton: Our Love Affair with Regency Romance on Friday at 4PM on… Read more →

What Flavor is Your PTSD?

If you follow superhero canon and lore at all, you’re one of us and you know that superheroes have a long history of having something traumatic happen in their past, which is often during childhood. This goes on to shape their motivations and often drives them to change an unjust world. After all, part of being a hero is overcoming… Read more →

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