’22 Panels/Events

Locke & Key to Dragon Con

Locke & Key to Dragon Con

Dragon Con attendees gave a warm welcome to three cast members from Netflix’s Locke & Key. Jesse Camacho (Doug Brazelle), Hallea Jones (Eden Jones), and Jackson Robert Scott (Bode Locke) answered questions about the series and their experiences during the “Locke & Key” panel, moderated by Little Red Dot, on Friday at 2:30PM in Centennial II–IV, Hyatt. The obvious question… Read more →

The Beginning and the End: Legends of Tomorrow

The Beginning and the End: Legends of Tomorrow

On Friday at 1PM, Arthur Darvill and Olivia Swann met in the Marriott Atrium Ballroom to talk about Legends of Tomorrow, which ended its seven-season run earlier this year. Moderated by Kevin Bachelder, the panel fielded audience questions and talked about the joy of hopping time in the Waverider with a changing cast on a show that embraced diversity. Bachelder… Read more →

Doomslug, a yellow inflatable with bright blue decorative spikes, poses for a photo

Doomslug Attack!

Warning: Take this article with a grain of salt. The hallway was deserted when I entered it. I’m sure of it. Well, fairly sure, anyway. Thursday afternoons at Dragon Con, I’m still relatively lucid. But I wasn’t alone. There it was, big as life—actually, bigger than life—a massive yellow doomslug! Uncertain what to do… and trying to recall what doomslugs… Read more →

The Legend, the Myth, the Rocket Man: Elton John Turns 75

On Friday at 11:00AM, Elton John super fans Mike Faber, Kornflake, Rob Levy, and Kyle McGraw—with moderator Caro Mccully —joined Dragon Con virtually to reflect on the music and pop culture defying career of Sir Elton John, who turned 75 on March 25 of this year amidst his farewell tour, 52 years after his first hit, “Your Song.” They discussed his… Read more →

Ribbons! Ribbons EVERYWHERE!

Do you love ribbons? Then the Hyatt Concourse on Thursday at 2:30PM was the place to be. Collecting ribbons at Dragon Con has become a cult favorite activity. What started out as a “here is a cool message about something I like” has become an all-out obsession. Most participants attach their ribbons to the bottom of their badges. As time… Read more →

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