Sybil Danning

Sybil Danning has graced us at Dragon*Con for a Saturday panel on Women In Film. Sybil will be in the Regency VII along with Margo Kidder in a Question and Answer forum. Sybil will be bring to the forum what she has learned in the industry as far as the limits that she has encountered and how she has handled… Read more →

Of Schoolgirls and Hell-Spawn

OK, so, what do Catholic schoolgirls and hell-spawn have in common? Well, besides plaid skirts?  Why, Thursday night at Dragon*Con, of course! Where else in the world (or beyond it) could you listen to classic Van Halen wail from the Catholic schoolgirl-dressed guitarist of the band McFly, and then walk a few dozen yards to catch the band Helltrash pound… Read more →

The Tribe Comes to Dragon*Con – Again!

Members of the cast of the New Zealand-based show, The Tribe, have come to Dragon*Con for the Second Annual North American Tribal Gathering. This year’s guests are Danny James, Matt Robinson and Victoria Spence, all of who are members of the cast of The Tribe. Produced by Cloud 9 and now in its fifth season, it is the story of… Read more →

Eavesdropping on Matt Robinson

I managed to just slip in the door for the Q&A session for Matt Robinson, best known for his role as the slightly disreputable “Slade” on the television show, The Tribe. Thankfully, Matt had just begun his session, and I didn’t draw down the wrath of the director. Robinson, a native of London, England, is a relatively new addition to… Read more →

Welcome to the Hellmouth

Back again for their fifth year, Director Tricia Charrier, along with her daughter and her staff for the Buffy/Angel panels, have returned with a few new recruits. It’s not all fun and games, although they would like for you think so. It is a lot of hard work and co-ordination.  Each and every person on the staff has worked, and… Read more →

New Tracks for 2004

Welcome to Dragon*Con 2004! This year we welcome four brand new programming tracks for your pleasure: Costuming: For those interested in cosplay, putting on the Ritz, dressing scary, or looking downright wacky, this track is for you. Panels will offer advice, hints and tips, and give attendees an opportunity to ask questions on how to give that Stormtrooper, Klingon, SCA,… Read more →

Debra Dixon Offers Workshop for Novelists

Debra Dixon will teach a one-hour workshop covering the elements of fiction writing on Monday at 2:30 p.m. in the WRIT/Writer’s Track (Greenbriar). The mini seminar is based on concepts from Dixon’s book GMC: Goal, Motivation & Conflict, The Building Blocks of Good Fiction (Gryphon Books for Writers 1996).

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