Politics in Sci-Fi: An Unopened Can of Worms

There’s plenty of heated debate to be found in geekdom—Linux holy wars, fans of different TV series at odds, RPG rulesets…you’d think adding politics to the discussions would be adding gasoline to the fire.  Miracle of miracles, four authors of varying political stripes managed to hold a stimulating (and respectful!) discussion about the role of politics in their genres.  The… Read more →

Mentoring/Collaboration Panel Features Ringo Collaborators and Church

John Ringo led off Friday night’s panel in the Sci-fi & Fantasy Literature track with the assertion that “I’m going to be moderating this panel because I’m a d—k.”  But Ringo proved to be quite the opposite as he lauded his fellow panelists, authors Julie Cochrane and Tom Kratman and their contributions to work jointly authored with Ringo and published… Read more →


Margaret Weis Games premiered the Battlestar Galactica role-playing game at Dragon*Con this year, selling the book before the public release. Based on the “re-imagined” Battlestar on the Sci-Fi Channel, the show has established a fanatic following that prizes the “new” BSG for tightly-woven character and event-based plotting, as well as a lack of technical information.

Buffy Horror Big Whedonverse Draw

Two crammed-full houses sang and cheered along with Friday night’s “Buffy Horror Picture Show” performances. The fan-favorite showings of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode, “Once More, With Feeling,” featured volunteer cast members in costume performing roles both major and minor.

The History of Mars

The Space Track is one of the highlights for science geeks like me. Tucked away in the Forsythe room of the Hilton, the programming is out of this world. Planetary scientist Dr. Kevin R. Grazier began a two-part presentation concerning the red planet on Friday at 2:30 with “The History of Mars.”

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