The Last Torchwood Panel

Sunday morning was the last guest-attended panel for Torchwood during Dragon*Con 2008. Gareth David-Lloyd and Anthony Lewis appeared and regaled fans with stories from the set of the British science fiction drama.

An Hour in the Firefly ‘Verse: The Continuing Adventures of the Starship Firefly

Firefly died long before its time, but not before attracting enough fans to fill the largest ballroom with legions of self-proclaimed Browncoats. In Sunday’s “An Hour in the Firefly ‘Verse” in the Marriott Atrium, Nathan Fillion, Jewel Staite, Morena Baccarin, and Alan Tudyk discussed some of the potential twists and turns Firefly might have taken had it continued to fly.

Science that Totally Rocks

After the disappointment of Friday night’s parties, and the double-fun of the Firefly and Battlestar Galactica parties on Saturday night, this reporter ventured out once more on Sunday night and was absolutely, positively, geekily blown away.

Travel Alert: Hurricane Gustav

The approach of Hurricane Gustav is affecting trains and flights to and through the Gulf Coast region. Many airports in the path of the storm will have suspended or limited service on Monday, including Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans and Mobile Downtown Airport in Mobile, AL, both of which are closed indefinitely. Delays and cancellations may affect flights… Read more →

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