Artists Remember Patrick Roberts

The Dragon*Con Art Show will hold a memorial for Patrick Roberts, the former Art Show Director, who passed away earlier this year. The memorial will be held Saturday, 8:30PM at the beginning of the Art Show awards ceremony in Grand Hall East.

An Hour In the Firefly “Verse”

In the Q&A in the Centennial Rooms on Friday afternoon, Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk were warm, friendly, and comical. They had the audience laughing from moment one, fielding several questions and autographing a variety of items to give to each participant. Nathan also talked about his charity, “Kids Need to Read.”

The Iris Is Open: The Stargate: Offworld Mega Guest Panel

A delay in the arrival of the guests did not dampen the fervor with which Stargate fans greeted the actors and actresses of Stargate for their first appearance at Dragon*Con 2008. Erick Avari, Morena Baccarin, Beau Bridges, Rainbow Sun Francks, Torri Higginson, and Cliff Simon were as eager to answer fan questions as the fans were to ask them.

Kevin Sorbo

In the Marriott on Friday, Kevin Sorbo was charming and funny as he fielded questions from the audience. He talked about his movies, as well as Hercules and Andromeda. He’s had five movies on the table this year, but all of them fell through at the last moment. His charity, A World Fit For Kids, has had huge success. Of… Read more →

Thursday Impressions

It was the day before the beginning of Dragon*Con in downtown Atlanta. Outside, lines snaked around the Hyatt as fans waited to purchase their badges. On the sidewalk, they discussed the merits of their favorite comic book heroes. A sea of bubbling excitement rolled through the crowd moving from hotel to hotel as the day faded and the night began…. Read more →


Dragon*Con has a long history of blood collection, and not only in the panels, pageants, and wrestling ring. In partnership with the Heinlein Society and LifeSouth, over 1000 units have been collected at Dragon*Con to date, with the Heinlein Society blood drives having collected a total of 3,342 units as of July, 2008. Last year, 450 people offered their time… Read more →

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