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Is That A Spartan In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy To See The Parade?

Is That A Spartan In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy To See The Parade?

A light morning mist failed to dampen the enthusiasm of the crowds lining Peachtree Street Saturday for the Dragon*Con parade.  In nine years of attendance, these two reporters have never before been able to attend the event.  It’s not hard to catch sight of the amazingly authentic costumes around the hotels, so we wondered if the parade would be as… Read more →

Kryptos and Other Unsolved Codes

Elonka Dunin: game developer by day, cryptographer by night. To clarify, she does not spend her free time in crypts; she makes and breaks codes, and her obsession in recent years has been the Kryptos sculpture at CIA headquarters, Langley. Kryptos is a commissioned copper structure out of which an apparently random series of letters was carved by artist and… Read more →

The Definitive Patrick Stewart

The Definitive Patrick Stewart

One of the classiest actors to ever work in the genre, Patrick Stewart spent an hour on a conversation-format panel on Saturday afternoon. Pleasing the crowd right from the start, he took off his cap and, with his signature gesture, Engaged the crowd. Eric Watts sat behind a desk, orchestrating the interview Carsen-style. Stewart mentioned that he felt, “nervous and… Read more →

Bad Boy Charms Dragon*Con

Famous for his role as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies, Tom Felton captivated the audience the moment he stepped onto the stage and admitted being nervous.   “There’s so many people,” he said with a smile.  “Be gentle, please.”   Felton was witty and sweet, taking the time to thank each fan who asked him a question.  With his dark… Read more →

New Goth or New Pirate?

This reporter couldn’t help but notice the explosion of steampunk costumes this year at Dragon*Con. It’s a downright invasion, or should I say incursion. And with the addition of the Alternate History track and their signature Time Travelers Ball, the style is most definitely happening! I’ve heard the look called everything from the new Goth, to the new pirate, even… Read more →

Feltbeat’s Army Invades Dragon*Con

Want to belong to an international organization dedicated to protecting and promoting Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy)?  Join Feltbeat’s Army, a fan group started by Misha in Illinois.  According to members, this is the only fan group officially endorsed by Felton. What will your duties be?  Well, besides the requisite adoration, you’ll actively support Felton’s career.  For instance, when he mentioned… Read more →

Torchwood: The Ianto Jones Experience

Gareth David-Lloyd and James Marsters were cutting up right from the start of Friday’s panel “Torchwood: The Captain Jack Experience.” Over the next hour, the two delighted the audience and interviewer Rob Levy with their stories of on-set camaraderie, and the fans returned the favor with a gorgeous tribute video to one Ianto Jones. “Captain Jack?” asked David-Lloyd as he… Read more →

BritTrack Goes Inside the BBC

The British sci-fi media (Brit) track is full of goodies on Doctor Who and its spinoffs, Monty Python, Being Human, and more. On Friday afternoon, writer Louis John Robinson helped demystify the Goliath behind all of these programs at “Inside the BBC.” Robinson’s advice to aspiring writers was sobering: “If you have a great idea,” he said, “do not give… Read more →

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