’10 Panels/Events

The Best SF and Horror You’ve Never Seen

This panel in the Cairo room on Saturday evening comprised of the exceptionally accredited staff of Dr. John Flynn, Dr. Bob Blackwood, Chris Gore, and the moderator, Matthew Foster. The panel discussion started with introductions from each person. As Matthew led the way with questions, this knowledgeable staff was talking about the films that were not well known. It was… Read more →

Is There a Secular Plan to Take Over America?

This panel in the Hilton 205-207 room on Saturday morning was speaker Sean Faircloth.  He was buoyant and friendly, smiling and making small jokes to start the ball rolling. As a ten-year congressional veteran, his plan is to present a specific plan to return America to its secular roots. His belief is that there needs to be separation between church… Read more →

The 2010 Dragon*Con Parade: Wherein Atlanta Downtown Witnesses Their Masters in an Orderly Fashion in All Their Resplendent Glory

The crowds gathered early,  lining the sidewalks to witness a march of heroes and villains and spectacular examples of human and alien ingenuity. Waiting expectantly, gazing up and down the empty street, the energy in the air was ectoplasmic with excitement. Children clung to parents’ heads atop their shoulders to peer up and down the street. Numerous costumed individuals peppered… Read more →

Sexy Science Fiction

What makes a book sexy?  This was the question put to the “Sexy Science Fiction” panel on Friday night on the Sci-Fi & Fantasy Literature track.  The answers were varied, honest, and sometimes blunt enough to only have been offered on a late-night panel such as this one.  “Ten o’clock is Dragon*Con After Dark,” noted author Jean Marie Ward with… Read more →

Stackpole & Allston Tag-Team Workshops

Not knowing what to expect from the Michael Stackpole and Aaron Allston hourly “Inner Circle” workshops, I chatted with fellow writer “Doc Kos,” the Heinlein Blood Drive volunteer.  As the double room filled with promising Dragon*Con future authors, Doc kindly offered me the opportunity to interview True Blood guests as they prepared to give blood.  “Shades of Van Helsing,” I… Read more →

Trends in Paranormal and Urban Fantasy Fiction

Vampires are cool…until they’re cliché.  Shapeshifters are hot…until they’re barely lukewarm.  What’s red-hot today may be dead-dog boring tomorrow.   Or might just be the next big thing again next year.  How do you know?  Should you write for the current trend?  The answer to that question put to a panel of best-selling authors on Friday at 11:30 at “Trends in… Read more →

Kaylee and Simon Together Again!

Before the “Simon and Kaylee Reunited!” panel on Friday evening, Jewel Staite revealed on her Twitter feed that attending fans could expect a surprise. In fact, there were two–and the first was the bottle of champagne that Sean Maher uncorked with a swift pop and poured into two waiting glasses. “We figured that since it’s Friday, and our first Q&A… Read more →

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