’11 D*C News

Terry Goodkind Party, Panel, and Events

If you’re a Terry Goodkind fan, you won’t want to miss the Goodkind Meetup! Come by the Goodkind ConSuite after the “Seeking Goodkind” panel (Sci-fi/Fantasy Lit. Track, Sat 11:30AM) to mingle with other Goodkind fans and enjoy ice cream and drinks! Sat 2PM, 223/226 (Hyatt). And be sure to check out the other Goodkind gatherings at Dragon*Con this year: Fan… Read more →

Zombie Walk 2011

Join our zombie horde as we shamble through the streets/hotels of Downtown Atlanta and burst through the doors of the Sheraton Grand Ballroom to start off this year’s Zombie Prom! Zombie Walk 2011 will starts from Atlanta C-D (Westin) at 9:15 PM, but arrive early if you want to take part in photos. Show up after 8PM, and we can… Read more →

Forbidden Planet

See Forbidden Planet on the Big Screen at Studio Movie Grill Next Thursday (8/18) for $1

Dragon*Con and Studio Movie Grill are partnering up to bring you a pre-con screening of the 1956 science fiction classic, Forbidden Planet, for only one dollar! Yes, $1.00! Forbidden Planet is a pioneering work whose ideas and style have been reverse-engineered into many cinematic space voyages after it. Starring Leslie Nielsen as the commander who brings his space cruiser crew… Read more →

Playtest League of Spies at Dragon*Con 2011

League of Spies is the first game using the new massive multiplayer alternate reality gaming engine developed by Accelerando Games for Android smartphones using the player’s location as a central controller of the game experience. And you can playtest it for free this year at Dragon*Con! Accelerando Games will be running a demonstration of League of Spies starting Thursday night… Read more →

MMORPG Track Presents Trivia Contest, World of Warcraft Costume Contest, and Darkmoon Faire…With Gnome Punting!

Don’t miss these MMORPG Track Events! World of Warcraft Costume Contest Come and show off your finest Azerothian fashions for our fans and judges. Prizes will be awarded in a wide variety of categories (Best in Show, Judge’s Favorite, etc.). We ask only that no actual undead (or Forsaken) contestants participate and recommend keeping your hands, feet, horns, hooves, or… Read more →

First Annual Comic Book Babes Costume Contest

All new for 2011, an event which promises to thrill fans of comic books and fabulous babes* alike! Presenting Dragon*Con’s First Annual Comic Book Babes Contest! Sat 8:30PM, Centennial Ballroom (Hyatt). Perennial Dragon*Con favorite Voltaire will host this premiere costume and beauty contest, with a $1,000 first prize and additional prizes for second and third place as well as specialized… Read more →

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