’11 Panels/Events

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

What happens when you put seven grown men together in a room late at night and give them free reign to talk about guns, explosives, and bare knuckle brawling? You get the “Fightin’ and Writing” panel on Friday 10PM at Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong (Hy). With more than 70 years of experience on the subject between them, these panelists were as qualified… Read more →

Getting Your First Sale

On the Friday panel “Breaking In: How It’s Done,” a group of pros shared advice on how to make your first sale. While suggestions varied, panelists agreed that the growth of online social-networking has opened new possibilities. There’s no denying we’re in the midst of a digital revolution. The percentage of ebook sales are growing each year, and some new… Read more →

In the Mix: Warehouse 13 and Eureka

The Marriott Atrium Ballroom was again packed for the “Eureka/Warehouse 13 Sharing Resources” panel on Friday afternoon. Colin Ferguson, Chris Gauthier, and Jordan Hinson from Eureka were joined by Eddie McClintock from Warehouse 13. Dr. Kevin Robert Grazier, science advisor for Eureka, was also on the panel. The question on everyone’s mind was centered on Eureka’s cancellation. As the moderator… Read more →

A Female Writer’s Perspective on the First Ladies of Fiction Panel

I am an unpublished female writer, so when I perused the panel selections the “First Ladies of Fiction” title jumped out at me. The panel included some of the larger names in fiction: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Laurell K. Hamilton, and Mercedes Lackey. These women are all highly successful and writers I feel I could learn from as well as enjoy… Read more →

The Coolness Scale

After a jam-packed-busy Friday for this reporter, Saturday has been my “easy” day so far. Having a lull in panels to review and having lost the fight for the last slice-of-life-cake, I will now add some non-dairy-whipped-topping-fluff to the Daily Dragon content. Let us presume, for argument’s sake, that the only important measure of worth in our society is not… Read more →

The Parade: It’s All Elemental

Everyone should have the opportunity to be in the Dragon*Con parade. It’s a great way to be part of the con and meet a lot of cool people. This was my first year in the parade, even though it’s my eighth year at the con. I wanted to branch out and try something new. There was a call for participants… Read more →

Celebrating 35 Years: Terry Brooks and Del Rey

In Hanover C-E (H) was bestselling author Terry Brooks and Del Rey’s senior editor Betsy Mitchell. It was obvious there was a wonderful working relationship between the two.  Brooks, now in his 35th year as a published author, talked about his writing. He sees himself as an “adventure writer” rather than a SF writer. His new series, Legends of Shannara,… Read more →

Doctor Who: Davies vs. Moffat

Doctor Who: Davies vs. Moffat

The “Doctor Who:  Davies vs. Moffat” panel in the Brit Track took place in the Hilton Crystal Ballroom at 7:00PM on Friday night. Panelists Caro MacCully, Alan Siler, and Robert Bowen began the proceedings by engaging the audience in a group performance of the Torchwood theme song while a Captain Jack cosplayeress stood up high and tried to look very… Read more →

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