’11 Panels/Events

News from the Sanctuary

Christopher Heyerdahl’s entrance set the tone for the “Sanctuary—League of Extraordinary Individuals” panel in the Atrium Ballroom (American Sci-Fi Media track) at 2:30PM on Friday.  He surprised the show’s fans first by appearing with a full head of hair, in contrast to his completely bald character, then danced across the stage and mugged for Dragon*Con TV.  Heyerdahl and costars Robin… Read more →

Misha is God, Everything Else is Details

The Friday 2:30PM Supernatural panel in the Marriott Atrium Ballroom was full of guests as surprise panelists Misha Collins and Julie McNiven joined Mark Sheppard, Samantha Ferris, and Christopher Heyerdahl. With two angels, two demons, and one hunter, the panel was lively, and they bantered easily from topic to topic, including how they got their parts, what they liked most… Read more →

A Bloody Good Time

Coming onstage Friday morning in front of a packed Atrium ballroom (M), Charlaine Harris, Jim Parrack, Joe Manganiello, and Kristin Bauer were greeted with deafening cheers and blinding flashbulbs. The True Blood actors and the author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels teased the audience with hints about what is coming in the last few episodes of season four as well… Read more →

Who Are You, Behind that Mask?

Imagine a room full of elegant revelers, each wearing a sinful, decadent, or mysterious mask. That’s the scene this reporter found herself in at the 25th Anniversary Masked Ball on Friday night in Regency VI-VII (Hy). The line wrapped and twisted, filled with the buzz of anticipation mixed with sophistication. While waiting for The Ghosts Project to begin their set,… Read more →

Christopher Lloyd pic ThomStanley

Lloyd and Tolkan Take Us Back…to the Future

The Alternate History track presented a panel featuring the stars of the Back to the Future franchise. Christopher Lloyd (Dr. Emmett Brown) and James Tolkan (Principal Strickland) fielded questions from the enthusiastic crowd. When asked what Principal Strickland would have said to them when they were in high school, Tolkan replied that for a certain period, he was a slacker…. Read more →

Steampunk Basics

The “Steampunk 101” panel in the Westin International B-C room at 1 PM featured a knowledgeable group from various backgrounds prepared to answer questions posed to them by the audience. The first part of the session started with a background on the origins of steampunk and how the name originated. Each panel member contributed to this history lesson. The second… Read more →

Imagicopter Hovers Over Dragon*Con

Imagicopter—Imagination’s Helicopter—is hovering over Dragon*Con in the guise of “passenger” artists and authors.  H. David Blalock, MidSouth Events Coordinator for Imagicopter, said that the voluntary, creative cooperative does not have an official presence at Dragon*Con, “since Imagicopter does not accept money from or give money to its participants.”  Nonetheless, Imagicopter participants at Dragon*Con 2011 include: authors Elizabeth Donald (Nocturne, Abaddon,… Read more →

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