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The Build: Making Your Own Droid

The Build: Making Your Own Droid

If you roam around the Marriott at any time during Dragon Con, you’ll invariably run into at least one R2-D2, BB-8, and/or mouse droid. They are amazing feats of construction, virtually indistinguishable from what we’ve seen on the screen. The men and women who build them assembled Sunday evening in Marriott to discuss the process. Christina Cato, David Ferreira, Matt… Read more →

It’s Cool to be a Dragon Awards Nominee

The Hyatt International North on Sunday at 5:30PM was the place to be if you wanted to meet several of the authors who were Dragon Awards nominees and winners. Various genres were represented, and Bill Fawcett moderated. The authors on the panel were Marina Fontaine, Larry Correia, Jonathan P. Brazee, Declan Finn, Mark H. Wandrey, Vera Nazarian, Aleron Kong, and R…. Read more →

Killjoys: Johnny and Lucy, Live and in Person

Any Killjoys fan knows two things: The Warrant is All, and keep your hands off John Jaqobis or Lucy will electrocute you. That didn’t keep the crowd from showing Aaron Ashmore (Jaqobis) and Tamsen McDonough (Lucy) all the love at the “Killjoys Cast: Upgrades of Awesome” panel Sunday afternoon in the Hilton Grand West ballroom. It was clear that Ashmore… Read more →

The Villains are Alive with the Georgia Philharmonic

The Villains are Alive with the Georgia Philharmonic

This is the fourth year the Georgia Philharmonic, conducted by John Morrison, performed at Dragon Con. Each year, there has always been a level of barely-contained excitement to the anticipation of the arrangement that will be performed. Each year, we think that it can’t get any better. Each year we are wrong. It’s always better. This year was no exception. The Hyatt Centennial was filled… Read more →

Teen Heroes Come Into Their Own

Moderator Tony Barletta and artists George Perez and Joe Benitez made up the “Teen Titans Through the Years panel” on Friday afternoon in the Hyatt. Barletta opened the discussion by noting that there was a Teen Titans series in the 1960s featuring sidekicks of DC lead heroes. The series reboot in the 1980s featured Robin, Wonder Girl, and Kid Flash… Read more →

Ritual, Faith, and Magic in Military Sci-Fi

“There seems to be a lot of tension in sci-fi between the idea of space and the idea of God,” mused panelist Melayne Seahawk at the beginning of “Supernatural and Religious Elements in Military Sci-Fi” on Saturday afternoon in Westin Chastain EF. This was the heart of a deep but entertaining conversation about the ways science fiction TV shows use… Read more →

Revisiting Pern and Anne McCaffery

James Minz was the moderator for this panel Sunday morning at 11:30AM in the Hyatt. Todd McCaffery, the son of Ann McCaffery, and Jody Lynn Nye, the “Pernographer,” reminisced on Anne, her works, and her viewpoints on Pern. Anne McCaffery always considered Pern to be a Science Fiction genre, not Fantasy. Todd told the story that since there were dragons,… Read more →

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