Renderosity Is For Artists

Renderosity is a company dedicated to furthering the graphic technology, and the artists that use it.  Their website gets 91 million hits and transfers 30 gigabytes of information a day.  They have an active user base of one hundred thousand artists and professionals and the group grows by approximately 200 users a day.  Not bad for having roughly 45 employees. … Read more →

Mesmerizing, Haunting, Ethereal – The Changelings

Plagued by technical difficulties—a persistent and annoying electronic hum that could not be eliminated and a scratchy burr in the microphone—The Changelings went on an hour after their scheduled 11:30 PM starting time in the Centennial ballroom on Friday.  But despite the various equipment shortcomings, they still managed to put on a first-rate show. The Changelings are mesmerizing, haunting, and… Read more →

So You Want to Be a Profiler

So you want to be a Profiler? Well, Ralph Stone has some suggestions for you. In a very animated discussion for the X track, Mr. Stone (special agent of the GBI Crime Analysis Unit) painted a seductively gruesome picture of what a Profiler does. Contrary to TV shows, profiling is much more art than science. Profilers deal less with the… Read more →

SFN – All the News That’s Fit to Rocket into Space

It’s such a good idea, such an obvious one, that it’s hard to believe that somebody hasn’t done it already.  A television program covering science fiction and science fact, SFN (Science Fiction News) is the brainchild of Don Black, who started the video news magazine on basic cable in 1990.  Since then, he has conducted hundreds of celebrity interviews with… Read more →

Silver Workshop

Marti Robinson gave a harried workshop on the Design of Precious Metal Clay jewelry creation.  Materials needed are very similar to the creation of ceramic sculpture, except the actual ingredient clay.  PMC3 (precious metal clay) comes in syringe, slip, and clay.  They clay can be ordered online and is available through precious metal magazines.  There are two brands but PMC3… Read more →

Behind the Curtains in the Principal’s Office

Par for the Buffy track since its inception two years ago, it was standing room only “In the Principal’s Office,” an hour with Armin Shimerman—the loved/hated Principal Snyder of Sunnydale High School on Buffy: the Vampire Slayer. After an extensive introduction—necessary in order to touch upon some of his impressive acting and writing credentials, including the Ferengi, Quark, on Star… Read more →

A Thursday Night Concert Journey

Some of you were foolish enough to wait till Friday to show up at Dragon*Con, but us clever folks knew to get here early and take in the pre-con activities.  As a good reporter, I knew it was my job to hit every concert so that you late-comers could be informed.  It’s a tough job, and I was just the… Read more →

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