Taking a Chance at Dragon*Con

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer track at Dragon*Con will boast quite a turnout of celebrity guests this year.  Welcoming back Andrew Hallett (“Lorne”), Dragon*Con is very pleased to add James Marsters (“Spike”), James Leary (“Clem”), Iyari Limon (“Kennedy”), and Danny Strong (“Jonathan”) to our convention line-up.  Enough to satisfy most ravening Buffy fans at Dragon*Con, doncha think? But wait, there’s… Read more →

27 Years of Bonnie Lasses: The Artwork of Fastner and Larson

27 Years of Bonnie Lasses: The Artwork of Fastner and Larson

Where can you find blade-bearing, buxom babes in chainmail bikinis frolicking with frightening monsters from the pit?  Well, Dragon*Con, obviously.  But I’m talking about the artwork of Steve Fastner and Rich Larson.  Creating fantastical and titillating images of art the old fashioned way–before computer magic and digital image manipulation–they craft their amazing masterpieces out of nothing but their imaginations and… Read more →

Artist Alley Boasts More Artists, New Poster, Bazaar

Patrick Roberts, Dragon*Con Art Show Director, said artists participating in the Art Show (Artist Alley) are up to 230-plus from 185 in 2002. For the first time, a panel or “jury” selected artists for the show. Roberts is pleased with the process and the results. “Couldn’t have been better,” Roberts said. “We’re working with artists who were declined to get… Read more →

A Concerting I Go

I am far from being a music critic, but I know what I like. I spent most of my life immersed in a rainbow of sounds and rhythms. Some I loved, some I’d rather not experience again, thank you. After a whirlwind of four Dragon Concerts (Julie Caitlin Brown, Bill Mumy, Voltaire and Green Goblin) on Friday night, I quickly… Read more →

Todd McCaffrey’s View of Pern

Oh, to be Todd McCaffrey! His mother, renowned author Anne McCaffrey, is letting him play in Pern. But this hasn’t been as easy for him as it might seem. “If I go play with my mother’s characters, she’ll kill me,” he joked, adding that they decided he needed to come up with his own characters and then tell their stories…. Read more →

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