Parties! Where do I find them?

Glad you asked! And only you can tell us! Yes, you! Starting mid-afternoon on Thursday, we will have someone checking high and low for parties, but it’s impossible for any one person to do the job. That’s why we want you to help us find all the great places to be through out the Con. To do that, look for… Read more →

Richard Hatch on Reviving Galactica

Back for an encore visit to Dragon*Con is actor/writer Richard Hatch. Hatch, who played Captain Apollo on the late-’70s, sci-fi TV series Battlestar Galactica, will be moderating a panel this afternoon in rooms D and E of Hanover Hall. Entitled “Battlestar Galactica-The Revival: Updates,” Hatch will let fans in on the possibility of a new Galactica series, as well as… Read more →

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