Masterful Men of Military Science Fiction

Chris Kennedy, Timothy Zahn, Michael Z. Williamson, David Weber, Charles E. Gannon, and Marc Alan Edelheit discussed writing military science fiction (MSF) on Sunday at 4PM. Kennedy, the moderator, started the program by asking the panelists when they started writing science fiction and what was their first break. Zahn said he watched a bad TV show, felt he could do… Read more →

Wreaking Havoc: The Fae in Urban Fantasy

Authors Eric R. Asher, Marie Brennan, Patricia Briggs, John G. Hartness, Ted Naifeh, and E. J. Stevens discussed the fae in urban fantasy and their tendency to wreak havoc in human lives at 10PM on Sunday. Moderator Carol Malcolm kept the discussion going. She began by asking whether the fae in the panelists’ work have specific purposes or goals that… Read more →

Author L.L. McKinney Urges Persistence

Author L.L. McKinney Urges Persistence

“Never give up,” author L.L. McKinney told writers hoping to publish during a Writers’ Track panel on Saturday. Her animated, provocative discussion prompted me to approach her for more sage advice. Daily Dragon (DD): Tell us about your work as an author. How would you describe your stories and novels? L.L. McKinney (LLM): I would say it’s fantasy with an… Read more →

Stirring the Creativity Pot

The Hyatt Embassy CD was full on Sunday afternoon with people wanting to know the secrets of creating fresh ideas for plots and characters from some highly creative people. The panel, moderated by Bill Fawcett, consisted of Chris A. Jackson, Janny Wurts, Jim Butcher, and Chelsea Quinn Yarboro. This Q&A session brought out some interesting points on how each writer… Read more →

Dragons of Science, Dragons of Fantasy

At 1PM Sunday in Embassy AB, a panel of publishing industry professionals discussed the magical aspects of dragons and the efforts to explain them in fiction. The room was full, with some attendees standing throughout the panel. Moderator Jody Lynn Nye opened the program by asking Mark H. Wandrey, Robert E. Hampson, Jeffrey A. Carver, Patricia Briggs, and Steve Saffel… Read more →

Fly Me to Space

The Hilton Crystal Ballroom was standing room only Sunday evening as the audience was eager to meet and hear from Dr. Stephen K. Robinson. He retired from NASA on June 30, 2012, after 17 years as an astronaut and 36 years of NASA service. He visited the ISS twice and has received numerous awards, including NASA’s highest honor, the Distinguished… Read more →

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