Warrior Nun Fans Predict Second Season Puzzlers

Panelists Kevin Bachelder, Joy Hatcher, Lindy Rae Keelan, D.R. Perry, and Fr. Bryan Small met for “In This Life or the Next: A Warrior Nun Fan Panel” on Sunday at 5 PM on the Urban Fantasy  YouTube channel. Carol Malcolm, also a fan of the series, moderated and began the panel by announcing that the Netflix series had been awarded a… Read more →

I May SNAP at Any Time: Cosplay Photography and Videography

At 7PM Sunday on the Diversity Track, Mahogany Wings (Nikita), Danique Events (Dana), Andrew Michael Phillips (Drew) of AMPCosplay, Legend of Micah, and moderator Barr Fox gathered to discuss the challenges and benefits of cosplay and convention photography and videography. The panelists addressed a variety of issues around how to have a successful cosplay photography or videography (Xography) shoot in… Read more →

A Magical Visit To Dragon Con That Wasn’t

The global pandemic has groups of all kinds figuring out how to get together virtually. From business meetings to family gatherings, coffee klatches to spiritual celebrations, we’ve all been Zooming, WebExing, Hanging Out, and learning any number of newfangled technology just to be able to spend some quality face time with one another. The Emerald Coast Pagan Community, a group… Read more →

Helloooooooo 21st Century!

Sunday afternoon at 1PM on the Main Programming channel, the cast of the Animaniacs (Rob Paulsen, Maurice LaMarche, Tress MacNeille, and Jess Harnell) reunited to answer some questions and talk about the upcoming reboot on Hulu. As can be expected when this cast gets together, we also had visits from Yakko, Wakko, Pinky, Brain, and Dot as well as a… Read more →

Every Urban Fantasy Sleuth has a Mystery Backbone

“Investigating the Uncanny: Detectives in Urban Fantasy” showcased panelists Stuart Jaffe, Melissa Olson, Rachel Rawlings, Mel Todd, and R.R. Virdi, moderated by Carol Malcolm, on Sunday at 10AM, Urban Fantasy YouTube channel. All the author panelists included investigators in their writing. Their sleuths were involved in some type of supernatural community and each had different levels of psychic abilities and… Read more →

The Discovery Family: All about the Heart

The 4:00PM Saturday time slot on the Dragon Con Main Events channel welcomed four Star Trek: Discovery cast members to a question and answer panel with Marc Lee serving as moderator. Kenneth Mitchell, Mary Chieffo, Anthony Rapp, and Jason Isaacs gave the fans what they’ve come to expect from Discovery actors: insightful, heartfelt, and entertaining conversation. One of the primary… Read more →

Black Women in Voice Acting

Black Women in Voice Acting

This entertaining pre-recorded panel was early Sunday at 9AM on the Fan Track channel. The moderator, Renee Cooper from the Anime Track, was leading this group. The panelists were Cara Ricketts, Danielle McRae, Anairis, Quinones, and Tiffany Witcher.   Although these ladies got in to the field by different means, they all agreed: get a good mic. There is nothing worse… Read more →

Socially Distanced Drunk History: Safe from Swords

Socially Distanced Drunk History: Safe from Swords

Drunk history, held Saturday at 10PM on the Alt History YouTube channel, is where everyone is wasted and the events recounted are mostly true but told with drunken flair.  Hygiene in the Victorian Era as told by Lamia while drinking Gin from a Vortex mug  Today, we have this idea that the Victorian era was flowers, kittens, and tiny boots…. Read more →

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