The Sparkle Lite Motel

Writers: Sarah Dodd, Cory Kinney; Producer: Cory Kinney, Mel Weisbaum; Director: Cory Kinney

Newlyweds George and Anna check into a questionable motel expecting a night of marital bliss. Once in the room, the couple begins to see manifestations of their parents. Anna is visited by her mother, Sidura, a demure sophisticate who does not approve of her daughter marrying this boy from the wrong side of the tracks. George begins to see his father, Tavish, a coarse, Scotsman who teases his son mercilessly.

As Anna and George’s relationship is tested by Tavish and Sidura, the couple quickly figures out that there is something very wrong with room 24 and The Sparkle Lite Motel.

15 min

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