Terminus Presents: Henchmen

Writer/Director: Yvonne McDowell; Producers: Brandon Ley, Yvonne McDowell.

Terminus Presents: Henchmen attempts to re-imagine the comic book genre from the perspective of the people merely seen in passing in standard comics. Rob and Tim are two slackers who stumbled onto jobs as henchmen for their city’s notorious crime boss, Erin O’Reilly. Their faith and loyalties are tested as they are sent on a mission to retrieve an amulet for the murderess.

Rob and Tim encounter death and violence while on their mission. They also incur the wrath of The Stalker, the city’s vigilante superhero and Erin’s biggest enemy. The center of the film is a character study about two guys stuck in a low level job in an extraordinary universe. It is the pilot of a series that uncovers many things brewing beneath the surface of one city.

16 min

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