Death In Charge

Writer/Director: Devi Snively; Producers: Greg Reeves, Heather Smith.

Don’t tell Mom the babysitter’s Death…When violent media, handguns and nihilism are ubiquitous, who fears the Reaper? In the tradition of E.C. Horror Comics, this cautionary tale examines life through the eyes of Death who gets derailed when an impatient single Mom carelessly mistakes the scythe-carrying cloaked one for her tardy babysitter and leaves Death to care for her precocious 9-year-old daughter for the evening. Whitney teaches Death about life’s many marvels through violent video games, macaroni & cheese, and the magic of Sea Munkees. But when Whitney reveals some dark tendencies of her own, it’s up to Death to lighten things up before returning to the grim duties that lie in wait?

15 min

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