Nasty Stuff (Cosas Feas)

Written/Directed by Isaac Ezban; Produced by Isaac Ezban, Miriam Mercado, Pamela Hernandezn

Kriko Krakinsky is a lonely, 11-year-old boy that dislikes sports, insects, and most of what goes on in his house. At night he listens to the screams coming from his older brother’s room, who lives there with his girlfriend. When Kriko´s father tells him that “nasty stuff” is going on there, he imagines horrible things and his first sex ed class only makes it worse. But when he begins to discover what’s going on around him, he finds his imagination was insufficient. Nasty Stuff is a story of the sexual discovery, bizarre immigrants, and scorpions.

This is a film you will have to see to believe, and will burn itself into your brain.


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