Shoreditch Slayer

Shoreditch Slayer

Written/Directed by Simon Levene; Produced by Mavreen Brown

Vampires have hunted humans since the dawn of time. Yet with rising inflation, soaring unemployment and higher taxes, it is vampires who are currently struggling for survival.

The 20th century was a golden age for the undead; a little known fact is that real vampires have often appeared in horror movies. Cinema offered a chance at cash, glamor and respectability.

However, after years of steady income, the vampire film craze ended, largely due to the over-saturation of Twilight, Buffy, etc. This left many out of work and unprepared for a life outside of cinema.

This comedy/horror mockumentary follows five vampires as they attempt, at all costs, to look for new sources of income. However, getting paid or not, the killing never stops.

2 min.

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