Werewolf In A Girls Sorority

Werewolf In A Girls Sorority

Written by Alex Barbatsis & Andy Mogren; Directed by Andy Mogren

This satire of college and werewolf movies is a melting pot of bloody deaths, sexy situations, explosions, werewolves and love at first sight.

Barksdale University is typically a very safe place. But last month’s killing of a young couple on a full moon has people worried, especially detective/wolf expert Will Funter who is in town to investigate Moon Studies 101 teacher Dr. Howell.

The girls at the sorority house are taking the death of their sister pretty hard, and they’re going to get over it the only way they know how, throwing a full moon party- after all, it’s tradition. ‘Every full moon!’ as they say.

Twenty two minutes of that, what could possibly go wrong?
Watch the Trailer.

22 min.

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