The Sun Devil and the Princess


Written/Directed by Steven Ayromlooi; Produced by Steven Ayromlooi, Alex Villa-Real, Mathew Grey

The realm is embroiled in war between the two Goddesses. The Evil Queen, Goddess of the Moon, has captured Princess Kyoko-–a devout follower and one of the last in the realm pure enough to hold counsel with the Sun Goddess. Without her, defeat is inevitable. But a mysterious warrior, of the fabled Ashikage clan, has miraculously rescued the Princess from the Queen’s impenetrable fortress.

The warrior with no name, a frightening horned beast, seems hell bent on returning the Princess to her father even though he claims to have no stake or interest in the war. His sole intention: to repay a cryptic long-standing debt, for he no longer seeks honor or glory.

At first, Princess Kyoko is untrusting of her rough-mannered savior. But as their odyssey unfolds, she discovers that there is more to this warrior than he lets on. Could the Sun Devil be enlisted to fight for her people and turn the tide of the war?

But first, they must survive their journey home through the dark enchanted forest of Karazaya. For if the Princess is recaptured, the realm may be lost forever.

29 minutes

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