Never Live Above a Psychic

Writer/Producer/Director: Steve Gentile

A man battles his disruptive downstairs neighbors: a family of telekinetic psychics. After complaining about the pervasive noise, broken glass, and bent spoons, the psychic children wage a campaign of levitation which leaves their upstairs neighbor’s apartment—and nerves—in a shambles. In retaliation, the man proceeds to glue, screw, nail, and staple every item in the house, effectively nullifying the psychic family’s powers. Fearing a curse upon their home, they flee. Peace for the upstairs man? Hardly.

9 min


Writer/Director: D. Christopher Weidner; Producer: Shawn Hunter

A lonely, quiet stretch of wooded Texas back road. A car appears on the horizon and passes revealing the words “Just Married” written in shoe polish on the rear window. The Bride stirs and smiles at her husband but her smile soon fades. The reality of it all suddenly begins to sink in and unforeseen questions about their future begin to surface as doubt. Doubt turns to sadness. Sadness turns to fear. Unfortunately for these two youthful lovers, some fears are more real than others. And tonight, on this dark, Texas back road, their eternal love will be put to deadly test. Tonight, “till death do us part” is only the beginning…

7 min


Writer/Director: Bryan Larson; Producers: Bryan Larson, Troy McCormick

An aimless nomad, wandering through the desert, comes across a cliff side where he suddenly finds himself faced with a fortune and a question. The question: “When is enough, enough?” Created as a student film by two recent graduates from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, this computer animated dark fable shows how one man’s greed can become another man’s salvation.

4 min

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Writer/Director: Attila Szász; Producer: Dalma Hidasi

It seemed like an ordinary day. Dad is experimenting in the lab, mom is at home boiling water, while their six year old son, Alex is playing around her. But this day is different. This day Dad brings something home from the lab.

And the next morning…Alex becomes invisible.

Is it possible that a father makes his own son disappear?

Or is there any other explanation?

An unthinkable one…

An unbearable one…
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30 min


Writer: Jeff Seidman; Producer: Mike Flanagan, Jeff Seidman; Director: Mike Flanagan

Twenty two years ago, Tim Russel’s father committed a horrible crime, leaving him orphaned. But Tim believed his father wasn’t responsible for the acts of violence—he thought it had more to do with the strange antique mirror that hung in his father’s office. He’s tracked that mirror through history, learning it’s awful past. He has the case files, he has his theories, he knows what he witnessed as a child… but none of it means anything without proof.

Considering every contingency, he is determined to prove and document the mirror’s horrifying abilities. But what he sees and hears in that room could cost him his sanity—or his life.
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32 min

The Pit and the Pendulum

Writer: Matt Taylor, Edgar Allen Poe; Producer: Marc Lougee, Susan Ma; Director: Marc Lougee

Our hero, the victim of the Spanish Inquisition, is brought before a tribunal, condemned, and sentenced to the dungeons to await his death. Explored throughout this film is the central question: is it death that is the most harrowing, or the means by which it is brought about?

From this premise, we watch our hero struggle to understand his quandary in order to find hope and faith, all the while discovering the fiendish machinations his captors employ, to ratchet up the pressure in their efforts to unhinge him.

7 min

Pitching Lucas

Writer: Shane Felux, Peter Robinbson; Producer/Director: Shane Felux

While working on his new Star Wars television series, George Lucas finds himself interrupted by Studio corporate execs who think they know better than the creator himself how his show should go. The execs find that pitching Lucas might not be as good idea an idea as they think, and not all ideas are good ones.
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8 min

Pulp Fiction Art: Cheap Thrills and Painted Nightmares

Writer/Producer/Director: Jamie McDonald

Pulp Fiction Art: Cheap Thrills & Painted Nightmares brings the lost art of pulp fiction magazines back to life. It tells the story of the unique art form the pulps unleashed on depression-era America. Pulp publishers had to work especially hard to get cash strapped Americans to buy their magazines. Therefore the covers were bold, audacious, and at times, controversial.  This documentary includes an exclusive look at the world’s largest pulp art collection, and interviews with some of the very few pulp artists still living.

59 min

Raven Gets a Life

Writer: Devi Snively; Producer: Agustin Fuentes; Director: Devi Snively

When a 150-year old vampire, trapped in the body of a 12-year-old girl, is diagnosed with manic depression, she seeks solace from prescription drugs, Bela Lugosi and the Grim Reaper.

9 min


Writer/Producer/Director: Bivas Biswas

Trapped in a world inundated with heartache, David is forced to find the truth about his lost love. Flashes of what happened on the night of her death haunt him. David must push past his fear to understand the dark details of her untimely death. While caught in a cycle of confusion, he wonders if the visions are real, self induced, or clues to finding the truth. He is soon faced with the fact that he may be on the road to insanity. Is it love or guilt that visits him in the night? Is his deceased wife, the only one to turn to for answers? Will he be able to understand what is happening to him? David will eventually stumble upon the Reason.
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3 min

Reign Of The Fallen

Writer: David McLeavy; Producer: Jon Wang; Director: David McLeavy

In the times since great wars laid waste to Prias, its people have learned to embrace a simple life, away from the perils of technology and war. As the mighty Sith army spreads across the galaxy, subjugating every planet in its path, all the people of Prias can do is wait, their world protected by an energy shield held in place by ancient towers. While the people wait in fear, one Jedi trained by Master Oram Bren will be chosen to be the future leader of Prias, a title decided by a vote of the entire population of the planet. But little do they know that one Jedi’s dark secret could spell their doom.
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59 min

The Resurrectionist

Writer/Director: Susan Bell; Producer: Ben Kim

In 1847 in the Deep South, a lowly gravedigger, Fredrick, struggles to provide for his family. At the urging of his wife, Elizabeth, Fredrick steals a recently buried corpse to sell to the local medical college for anatomy study. Setting off in his horse-drawn wagon on a journey through the dark woods, Fredrick quickly realizes that the dead man has other plans. Terrorized by supernatural happenings, Fredrick is at the mercy of an angry ghost as it reveals its chilling story. And the nightmare won’t stop until retribution is found.
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15 min

Robots Are Blue

Writers: Biill Sebastian, Toby Halbrooks; Producer: Bill Sebastian, Toby Halbrooks; Director: Bill Sebastian

Complete with mindless humanoids and talking cats, Robots Are Blue is an absurd comedy about life in the future. In 2029, robots live and work among humans. Tensions rise at the workplace when John (a robot) writes Tom a poem for his birthday. Tom tries to silence his ‘worker’ before he is discovered and reprogrammed. When upper management gets wind of the situation, Tom must decide whether to expose himself as a sympathizer or live in an oppressive work environment under the cloak of secrecy.
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8 min