Writer/Producer/Director: Joaquin Baldwin

Papiroflexia (Spanish for “Origami”) is the animated tale of Fred, a skillful paper folder who could shape the world with his hands.

Originally created as a poem by the director, it was turned into a short animated film in the UCLA Animation Workshop.

3 min


Writer/Director: Lauren Timmons; Producer: Sean Cassity

Ben Rutter is an aspiring Paranormal Researcher with one shot at the investigation of a lifetime. Problem is, tonight could be the last straw for Ben’s skeptical girlfriend Sheila. And Ben’s best friend Travis is much more interested in the new girl than in documenting evidence. Still, Ben’s determined to prove everyone wrong—but in the world of paranormal research, he’s about to discover that things really don’t always go as planned.

16 min

Passing Darkness

Writer/Director: Kenneth Mader; Producers: Kenneth Mader, Flo Speakmank

It begins innocently enough—athletic martial artist Elaine Ways preparing dinner for her 10-year-old daughter Samantha. But when a cryptic phone call from a mysterious couple shatters the façade, it becomes apparent that Elaine is hiding out, paranoid.

Visions of her dead husband Derek foreshadow the arrival of dark forces, forcing Elaine to take up her sword and fight her own destiny as well as a skilled, sinister opponent.
Eventually she wins out, only to be confronted by a new reality that makes her question her very sanity. Her only salvation lies in the embodiment of husband Derek, a surprise connection to little Samantha, and a shocking revelation that leads to redemption.  With Andrea Thompson (Babylon 5) and Don S. Davis (Stargate SG-1)

18 min


Writer/Producer/Director: Rene Amadori

An extremely stylized sci-fi action short taking place in a near-future of corporate intrigue and skilled mercenaries. Featuring martial arts, dazzling effects, and an expressionistic visual style, the film attempts to create a new vision of sci-fi cinema.
A warrior is thrown into a new assignment while his corporate masters fear the destruction of their technological creations. While escorting his company’s prodigy developer to an exchange meeting, the warrior must protect the company’s interests against a clever attack through only his guile.

7 min

The Professor’s Daughter

Writer/Director: Luke R. Pebler; Producers: Nora Donaghy, Michelle Reed, Luke R. Pebler

A brilliant but awkward computer science professor creates an intelligent program that develops a challenging personality. His struggles with his computer child force him to reconsider his relationship with his flesh-and-blood daughter.
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17 min


Producer/Director: Patrick Smith

A young man fabricates a simple sock puppet, not knowing the abuse the entity will soon inflict. Through an escalating series of torture, the possessed puppet takes on the embodiment of fear, chaos, and willful self-destruction.
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6 min


Producer/Director: Hyojong Chun

Three sprinters compete to win in a race. Each player has a different motivation for success, and those motivations deliver completely different results. The animation Race is a story about life, and the race within the film is used as a metaphor. The sprinters run to win, but cannot see what is beyond the success of their accomplishment. It is a fable stating that it is more important to live with the right vision and direction than to live obsessed with only speed.

7 min

Rest Stop for the Rare Individual

Writer/Producer/Director: Roberto Bentivegna

After being berated by his Acting Coach, struggling actor Paul Denby embarks on a new line of work. His infatuated colleague George Sheperd offers him a part-time gig while he is out in L.A. Desperate for cash, Paul finds himself in the confines of the infamous Chelsea Hotel, locked in a room with a strange old man who has a unique role in store for him.

14 min

The Ring of Ultimate Power

Writer/Producer: M. Sweeney Lawless; Director: Jay Stern

When all seems lost, one brave and noble former accountant boldly sets out on a quest for the Ring of Ultimate Power. Witness the prophesy of the Weird Sister of Central Park! Wonder at the wise counsel of the Enlightened One of Seventh Avenue! Become uncomfortable when our hero meets the Keeper of the Riddle in some undergrowth near a school! What vile perils does fate hold in store for the bold and uninsured William of 23rd Street?

17 min

Roma Sub Rosa: The Secret Under the Rose

Writer: Jim Thalman; Producer: Matt Walsh; Director: Michael Fischa

On the eve of war, a politician’s empty words echo the glories of war, as a generation of battle hardened veterans decide that the murder of a politician is a wiser course of action that to knowingly march thousands to their death. Set in southern Italy 212 B.C.

The Secret Under The Rose is the birth of Ma’fia, the death of politicians, and the dawn of an Empire. Una Cosa Nostra

28 min

Sam and Piccolo

Writer: Briony Kidd; Producer/Director: Adam Walker

Sam, a man, and Piccolo, a creature, live together in an isolated valley. The two friends lead simple, uneventful lives but are content. After eating a unique nut that Piccolo discovers growing on a small tree, he wonders: Why aren’t there more nuts? He wants more. Piccolo learns that watering the tree produces more nuts, but as the nuts grow, so do his cravings.  In time he discovers that things other than water will make the tree grow and much more spectacularly. But, as the tree grows stronger, it seems that everything else in the valley is diminishing. What has Piccolo got himself into? Will he see just what is at stake? Or will he be too late?
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15 min


Director: Becky James

Deceptively playful, Snake is a film about stubbornness in the face of change. The film chronicles a failure to deal with growing up while using its extremely appealing characters and sounds to glorify the obdurate attempt to replace what is lost.

3 min


Writer/Director: Andre Ford; Producer: Brandon Frazier

Daniel and Meredith have a normal house, in a normal neighborhood, on a normal street. They have two nearly-adult children, Josh and Dana, which is quite normal. But things aren’t all that normal for the family.  You see, Daniel and Meredith like their kids…really, really like them.

15 min

Sperm! The Motion Picture

Writers: Chris Gortz, Ricky Sprague; Producer: Chris Gortz; Director: Ricky Sprague

With the aid of a mysterious doctor, Guy Johnson is shrunk to microscopic size and sent on an odyssey into his own testicle. Thrill with Guy as he discovers new vistas within himself. Feel his mounting terror as he confronts his own sperm, who demand the right to be treated as more than just the instruments of his pleasure. Wonder at the depth of emotion as they demand to be treated as his equals. How far would you go for adventure? What would you give up for pleasure? These questions and many others are answered in Sperm! The Motion Picture.
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5 min


Writer/Producer/Director: Maro Naito

In the Kingdom of Stephan, lack of oil is a serious problem. Why?—because it’s a country of robots. Stephan puts in all his savings to buy a planet where he hopes to dig some oil. He boards on the space bus to get to his planet where he meets new friends and experiences things he never imagined before.

21 min