Endurance Challenge: Mordred’s Isle

Writer/Director: J Zachary Pike; Producer: Marc Dole;

Endurance Challenge: Mordred’s Isle combines the best of reality TV with a fantasy setting. Twelve contestants, including six stereotypical fantasy heroes and six monsters, compete in a series of dangerous elimination challenges for a million gold pieces.
Starring the voices of Billy West and Richard McGonagle.

4 min

Enter the Dragonfly

Writer/Director: Nir Paniry; Producer: Emerson Jaco

Enter the Dragonfly is a comedic fantasy tale about a 12-year-old boy named Bruce that has a vivid imagination to say the least. Although academic subjects like math should be Bruce’s focus, his thoughts instead are completely centered around his favorite obsession…kung-fu movies. When his teacher sends him to deliver a note to the principal, the adventure begins.

23 min

Everything Will Be OK

Writer/Producer/Director: Don Hertzfeldt

A series of dark and troubling events forces Bill to reckon with the meaning of his life—or lack thereof. It’s the latest work from multi-award winner, Don Hertzfeldt (Rejected, Billy’s Balloon).

17 min

Face Machine

Writers: Justin Simms, Lynne Pjeturss Kamm; Producers: Stéphanie Chapelle, Isabel Gomez-Moriana; Director: Justin Simms

In the distant, dystopian future, the Earth’s atmosphere is too polluted to breath.  The only way for humans to survive is by wearing elaborate air filters, which permanently obscure their faces. When he learns the love of his life is getting coupled to the chief chemist, a scientist buys airtime from the head of the underground and convinces his lover to follow him to an air chamber in order to do what the government has outlawed: remove their masks and for the first time look at each other’s faces.

15 min


Writer/Producer/Director: David No

Darak is an aging Sword Master—Juda, his brilliant apprentice son. In a drama of startling consequence, Juda recounts the events that lead to the destruction of their relationship and finally the ultimate challenge—a death duel. Both men love each other, although neither of them know it. In a world lost in time, the metal of loyalty, honor and family are tested as the tragedy is played out.
Martial arts actor, David No (Matrix Reloaded, Mr Nice Guy) makes his directorial debut with this epic tale, and a new genre in Australian cinema is born.

38 min

Frattura (Fracture)

Writers: Omar Pesenti, Veronica Borgo; Producer/Director: Omar Pesenti

A man chases a girl during the night; after having murdered and massacred her, he gets up in the morning from his bed (close to a woman) as if nothing has happened…

9 min

The Girl and the Wolf

Writer/director: Lauren Bickers

Lana lives in a remote part of the woods with her family. Most little girls have friends. They usually find children their own age to play with, but Lana has found a friend in the forest. Her mother and father are unaware of the visits of the wolf Lana has been feeding on a nightly basis. Upon discovering Lana with the wolf, her father fires a warning shot into the air. While her parents debate how to approach the matter they miss the true nature of the connection their daughter has forged with the wolf.

8 min

The Great Detective

Writer: Mike Martin; Producer: Mary Kerley; Director: Andrew Young

1940s Chicagotown has been taken hostage by crimelord Vladimir “Pokerface” Hoyle, who threatens to detonate a bomb that will destroy the city. The only hope for the people is the Great Detective, a masked man rumored to have the ability of flight. After a tip from the lovely journalist Effie Soul, our hero sets out to save the city and restore the hope of all.

15 min

The Greyhound

Producer/Director: Allan Plenderleith

The Greyhound tells the story of an old man and his dog, a greyhound who has never had the chance to fulfill his true potential. Although he loves his owner, the dog has had to endure a life of very slow, tedious walks to the betting shop, every day ending in misery. Until something tragic changes everything forever.

8 min

Happiness is Blowfish (Fuku)

Writer/Director: Maninder Chana; Producers: Michael Patrick, Tommy Chang

Big Boss has been betrayed. Akito, a young mobster has tried to go it alone, but has failed and has crawled back for forgiveness.

Big Boss though is not having any of it. He’s going to make an example of the young man who insulted him with an elaborate plan to feed Akito blowfish, a delicacy that Akito has an affinity for. He’s ensured the fish hasn’t been cut right making it poisonous. But Akito isn’t going to go easily.

12 min

The Henchman

Writers: Joe Hill, Jon Fitzsimons; Producer: Joe Hill; Director: Taylor Nida

Tom has a typical American family: a wife he loves, a daughter he would do anything for, and a great job…as a henchman.  For almost twenty years, Tom as been a henchman for some of the most dangerous, psychotic super-villains. It’s illegal. It’s dangerous. And it’s fun. But Tom is getting older, and the high-risk life of henching is taking its toll at work and at home. “One more job” is all Tom needs to set his family up for life.  Inspired by the graphic novel “Hench” by Adam Beechen and Manny Bello.

15 min

The Intruder

Writer/Producer/Director: Alessandro Ceglia

A woman, apparently alone in her house believes there may be an intruder. The viewer shares her fear and is never certain whether or not there is an actual intruder. As the woman grows increasingly paranoid, the suspense grows and various filmic elements, such as tempo, composition, set design, color palette, and camera angles change to match and heighten the mood. Is the woman delusional or is someone really trying to terrorize her? This film is inspired by film noir tradition, where various elements such a light and dark, shadows, camera angles, and sound are manipulated in an expressionist manner to amplify the emotion of a scene.
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3 min

Iron Bird

Writer: Matty Limpus; Producer: Jocelyn Quioc; Director: Chris Richards-Scully

Iron Bird takes us on one of the most destructive missions of WWII, the bombing of Dresden, circa February 1945. For a young Australian Lancaster bomber crew it’s another dangerous mission, but for Flight Sgt. JP Harmer it is a personal vendetta.

As the seven young men battle for survival in the night skies over Germany, a mysterious presence surrounds them, propelling them towards an outcome that would change their lives forever. Driven by his thirst for revenge, will JP find humility and forgiveness before it’s too late?
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28 min


Writer/Producer/Director: Craig Dehut

Jack and his sister are just two regular people minding their own business when they are suddenly and ruthlessly thrown into a dangerous chase. As the mysterious driver relentlessly pursues them, they must use all of their talent and wit to elude him.

2 min

Jakob and the Angels

Writer: Justin Haden; Producers: Julie Ford, Olga Gonzales; Director: Ron Lehmann

Jakob Wywialowski tries everything he can think of to evict the angels who have invaded his attic to sing hallelujahs day and night. Finally, he calls the exterminators. A rather diabolical team of pest killers arrives, and when Jakob accepts their offer to fix his angel problem, they promptly launch a miniature Armageddon in his attic. As Jakob’s life is bombed into “angel-proof” solitude, he wishes he’d left well enough alone. But in the rubble of his attic, he finds new hope for companionship, and a chance to redeem himself. Based on a short story by Audrey Niffenegger, author of the best-selling science fiction novel, “The Time Traveler’s Wife.”

13 min

Kleeman and Mike in Jaime’s Taco Shop

Director: Randall Christopher

Every once in a while a cartoon comes along with the most amazing skateboarding animation ever. After watching the animated cat throw down giant kickflips, you will weep with unbearable joy. You will probably consider killing yourself because nothing you could ever experience in life could possibly top the sublime feeling you’ll get from watching this cartoon, even the first time you heard that album by that band with the guy with the weird eye, and how when you heard that Dixie Chicks song covering Fleetwood Mac you really liked the it but knew you could never admit it to anyone.

6 min

The Laborer

Writer/Director: Darryl Knickrehm; Producers: Darryl Knickrehm, Karl Knickrehm

In a life of work, we work to live life. One businessman has the opportunity to take a step back and look at his life. To his dismay he sees a man who not only labored at work but also in life. The Laborer is a tale of two levels. It is a commentary of the workaholic lifestyles of the world. But more importantly it is the intimate story of a man who is detached from his feelings and as a result has prevented himself from taking the opportunities of life.

20 min