Day Labor

Writer/Director: David Lindabury; Producers: Mary Grace Higgs, Nancy Miller, Jack Charlop.

Juan and Esteban have worked plenty of dirty jobs before, but nothing has prepared them for a day in the office. Can they survive the cubicles and conference rooms of corporate America?

12 min

Dead Bones

Writer/Director: Olivier Beguin; Producers: Annick Mahnert, Adán Martín.

A bounty hunter is tracking down a criminal. He catches up with him in a small half-abandoned village where he soon discovers that the few remaining locals have unusual customs. Starring Arie Verveen (Sin City), Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead), and extreme cult director Ruggero Deodato.

18 min

The Delivery

Writer: Gabrielle de Cuir; Producers: Gabrielle de Cuir, Stefan Rudnicki; Director: Gabrielle de Cuir.

Alice in Wonderland meets Audiobooks.

A reluctant-reader teen encounters temperament, talent and a glimpse of the supernatural as she wends her way through a series of recording studios, until her imagination skyrockets her into a full-blown 1830s Mad Tea Party Scene. Cast includes Orson Scott Card, Emily Janice Card, Harlan Ellison, Michael York.

30 min

Destiny Manifest

Writer./Producer/Director: Alan O.W. Barnes.

Destiny Manifest is the story of two children, John and Clorinda, who accompanied their father on a road trip and found themselves abandoned on the day the Mexican/American War broke out.

Accompanied by two friends they met in town, the four children try to survive the war, find their parents, and a way out of town. In the process each of them saw a glimpse of their individual destinies.

This independent, artistic project features the talents of Alan O.W. Barnes, a musician and sequential artist. The goal of the project was to experiment with a ‘video comic book’ format and the work makes heavy use of digital art and sound design.

20 min

The Diary of Anne Frank of the Dead

Writers: Scott Baker, Jason Sakowski, Brad Greenwell, Lisa Garibaldi; Producer/Director: Scott Baker.

Because the trailers are always better than the movie; the Vegan Cannibals bring you the most exciting movie you’ll never see!

The year is 1944 and the Nazi army has become infected with contagious pathogens from their own biological and chemical weapons. The troops invade the cities leaving few survivors. Those left must fight the zombie hordes to stay alive. Where many people chose to run and hide, one girl stood and fought. This is the story of her adventure.

3 min


Writer/Director: Dan Riesser; Producer: Elizabeth McIntyre.

Downsized is a horror-comedy short film set in the world of corporate America. Four financial employees are called into the office for a late meeting. Turns out their inept boss has been fired for botching the big account, and now, armed with an axe, he plans to kill them off in the very cubicles where they spend their nine to fives.

16 min

Eel Girl

Writer: Paul Campion; Producer: Elisabeth Pinto, Jennifer Scheer; Director: Paul Campion.

In a secure military laboratory, a scientist has become obsessed with the half-human half eel creature he’s studying. When she beckons him to her, it’s the call of a siren…

5 min


Writer: Will Tully; Producers: Jenny Lenz, Will Tully; Director: Will Tully.

Based off of a Kurt Vonnegut short story. EPICAC is a science fiction romance about a machine that learns to love. When it understands that it is not made out of ‘protoplasm’, it short circuits itself out of the female and male mathematicians’ lives forever.

21 min


Writers: David Malki, Todd Croak-Falen; Producer: Todd Croak-Falen; Director: David Malki.

When Rudy starts work at A.R.A.C.H.N.I.D., he doesn’t know what to expect. But being handed an AK-47 and asked to shoot any British spies he might see wandering around wasn’t it.

Expendable answers the question of who would give their lives for a supervillain bent on taking over the world. Some of Rudy’s fellow henchmen are ideologically devoted to the evil Igor Tarantula, M.D. But Rudy meets the ones who’re in it for the overtime pay, or who just love killin’ guys. And at least one’s got a fully vested 401(k) and is ready to retire.

We’ve seen plenty of movies about spies. Now, here’s one about all the regular guys they kill.

20 min

Getting Out

Writer/Producer/Director: Ian Topple.

Barrel and Tim are two soldiers on a rescue mission trying to find any survivors they can after a destructive war. When they enter a small town, they are going to face more than they expected. Once they enter, they realize they cannot leave and must figure a way out to escape.

5 min

The Glitch

Writer/Producer/Director: Joe Fordham.

Harry Owen (Scott Charles), a heavily-fatigued man who aspires to better living, has once again fallen asleep on his sofa and woken up at 3 a.m.. When a painful headache sends Harry stumbling to his bathroom, he is unsettled to see his cooler, hipper alter ego viewing him critically from the mirror. Harry 2 attempts to calm Harry’s nerves and tries to prevent the evening from escalating into a nightmare beyond their control. The Glitch is the first narrative short subject from UK filmmaker Joe Fordham in 20 years, and is his first shot in HD format.

13 min

Hard Stapled

Writer/Producer/Director: Christopher G. Moore.

A man finds that falling asleep at work can lead to some extremely action-packed dreams of the John Woo variety. The 2008 Cape Fear Film Festival called Hard Stapled the “cubicle matrix.” Winner of the Best Short Comedy award at the 2008 All-American Film Festival.

3 min

Harvest Moon

Writer/Director: Micah Ranum; Producer: Alicia G. Dean.

In this dark comedy, a couple on the brink of divorce struggle to rekindle their relationship. As they are arguing about whether to go out or stay in for dinner, a van full of would-be burglars show up to rob them. The struggle that ensues gives us a deeper insight into the character of this couple and how they may be able to rekindle what drew them together in the first place.

9 min

The Henry Convention

Writer/Director: David Marks.

Peg arrives at her father’s wake expecting typical family drama. But once the mourners begin pushing all bounds of proper decency, Peg is caught in a clash of wills against her friends and family. Now she must choose between respecting her father’s memory or gaining her family’s acceptance.

11 min


Producer: Gregory Hobson; Director: Joel Moffett.

Horsepower is the story of Murray Meadows, a middle aged closeted man who hides from his life as a straight-laced professional automobile critic by immersing himself in internet pornography. This works for Murray until Harold, his eccentric gay boss, tries to help. In rejecting Harold’s advances, Murray triggers a bizarre breakdown in his life- and in his precious automobile. In the end, when all is lost, Murray discovers help from an unlikely source.

17 min