Iggy goes to Grad School

Writer/Producer/Director: Yfke van Berckelaer.

The world is a cruel place. Evil lurks around every corner, seducing the innocent and corrupting their minds. In this cautionary tales, a young girl (Iggy) tries to safely make it through the dangerous paths of Grad School. Will she be able to hold her own during these stressful times and withstand the call of sex, alcohol and drugs? Or will she waver from the righteous path and fall into the clutches of temptation?

2 min

Iggy goes to Hollywood

Writer/Producer/Director: Yfke van Berckelaer.

In the sequel to the critically acclaimed Iggy goes to Grad School, our young heroine (Iggy) tries to make it in the world’s most sinful place; Hollywood. Find out if she can stay true to her vision, or if this glamorous Babylon will cause genius to turn into madness.

3 min

Indiana Jones and the Relic of Gotham

Writers/Producers/Directors: Ryan Schile, Brian Finifter.

The year is 1939. Artist Bob Kane takes his girlfriend on a hike and stumbles upon an ancient artifact with extraordinary powers. Before long, he finds himself caught in a dangerous game of cat and mouse between a winged demon and a laughing jackal. When Kane returns home without his girlfriend, the authorities bring him in for questioning. With no evidence and no one else to turn to, world renown archaeologist Indiana Jones is asked to investigate the mysterious artifact. Little does Dr. Jones know that government agents are hot on the trail, determined to keep the ancient power of the relic a secret.

30 min

Insanity du Jour

Writer: Nancy Knight; Producer: Aimee Wise; Director: Deirdre Walsh.

Insanity du Jour is a story about choice. In a crumbling relationship given public exposure, the film quickly moves to the one moment where the stakes are high and a decision is needed. Dr. Masters has been accused of sexually assaulting one of his female patients. Hannah, his wife, has moved out. What is to be lost and gained is deftly portrayed by lead actress, Sheri Mann Stewart, as she carries the story on her soul’s journey into the belly of the whale and out again.
15 min

Invisible Master

Writer/Producer/Director: Mike Fisher.

Invisible Master is the story of an unusual man in an odd environment who must complete a mission with mind-blowing consequences! The animation is the work of creator Mike Fisher who has been creating cartoons for Starlog Magazine for over 15 years. Mike also produces cartoons for Animation Magazine featuring his character 3-D Pete!

4 min


Writers: Ryan Spindell, Bradford Douglas Hodgson; Producer: T. Justin Ross; Director: Ryan Spindell.

In the deep south of 1960’s Florida, down canopy roads, amongst blooming live oaks, rests a quiet place of healing. Kirksdale Hospital, a decaying mental asylum, provides patients with a calm environment to ease their inner turmoil. At least on the surface.

When a tormented mental patient escapes the facility, Molly Walker a misunderstood teenage girl, and Darryl Pearl, a lecherous sheriff’s deputy, must face their inner demons in a fight for their sanity and their lives.

22 min

Leave You In Me

Writer: Michael Darin Cohen; Producer: William Grant; Director: Dutch Doscher.

Leave You in Me opens with a devastating admission at a moment of great intimacy. After the initial anger softens into exhaustion, Steven and Fiona begin the fight after the fight. Still naked and in bed, they challenge one another’s easy rationalizations and expose the false idealism at the heart of love (and betrayal). As night becomes a new morning, the couple faces an inevitable crossroads: to leave each other or to forgive. What happens next is so destructive it might just save them.
19 min

Lethal Lens

Writer/Producer/Director: Dan MacKenzie.

As an animator sits down to animate his clay creations, the camera he is using comes alive! It transforms into a robot and attacks the animator, knocking him out, and then attacking the clay puppets. A great fight begins between the evil camera and two clay creatures!
4 min

Lord of Dreams

Writer/Director: Ashley F. Miller.

On the morning of teenager Ellen’s first day of high school she discovers that her teddy bear has been stolen. In order to get him back she must travel to the magical song-and-dance world of her dreams. Once in this magical world she must confront the not-so-terrifying Lord Azazel, master of her dream world. Finally she must choose whether to stay in her childlike dream world, or surrender to growing up.

9 min

Lowenstein’s a Terrorist

Writer/Director: Eric Sieglstein. Producers: Eric Siegelstein, Tony Cohen.

Ted Lowenstein: on the surface, he seems like any other twenty-something living in the city. He has a job he doesn’t like much. He has a tiny apartment, which he shares with a roommate. And his dating life is on a bit of a losing streak. But that all comes to a change when he meets Rachel Reeves, a beautiful young political protester, and her group, the New Jeffersonians. Ted would say anything to impress Rachel. So why has he been brought in for interrogation by Homeland Security? Has his tendency to crack wise finally taken him too far? Or could he actually be involved in a plot to overthrow the U.S. government?

15 min

Max the Hero

Writers: Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy, Michael J. Nelson, Mike Salva; Producer/Director: Mike Salva.

Animated comedy about a super hero who is kind of a jerk. Oh, and his roommate is also his arch-villain enemy. Written/performed by Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy, & Michael J. Nelson (of TV’s Mystery Science Theater 3000). Produced/directed by Mike Salva in Nashville. Music by John Mark Painter (score composer of “Hoodwinked”) & singer/musician Corn Mo.

13 min

Metal Gear Solid: Acquiescence

Writer/Director: Wes Eastin. Producers: Stephanie Busing.

Metal Gear Solid: Acquiescence is a short tribute to the many contributions to both video games and film made by the Metal Gear saga and Hideo Kojima.

The story is set in 1994 where we find our hero, Solid Snake, as he attempts his first mission for the secret organization known only as Foxhound. Snake must infiltrate a facility that is rumored to be under the control of a draconian, Russian nationalist, Nikita Doovaravich, holding hostage, a world renowned physicist. A former army soldier, Snake must now enter a world of espionage and cruelty where even the smallest amount of indecision can lead the world to cataclysm.

31 min

Opportunity Knocks

Writers: Gaia Finer, Aaron Wells, Larry F. DeGeorge; Producers: Aaron Wells, Suzanne Niedland; Director: Aaron Wells.

Luci Borgia is a middle-aged woman at the end of her rope. Her husband left her for a younger woman, she’s been downsized from her job, and she’s been evicted. Deeply depressed, suicide seems like a perfectly logically solution. Until Death’s assistant, Mr. Morehead, arrives to process her death a few minutes early. Luci starts to have second thoughts as Mr. Morehead urges her to “get on with it” in attempt to avoid a lot of unnecessary paperwork… and Death’s wrath.

15 min


Writers: Dan Trezise, Aaron Sullivan; Producers: Brady Nasfell, Dan Trezise; Director: Dan Trezise.

Max is about to awaken his long dormant desire for human contact. In his tiny cell of pure function and wall-to-wall screens, he performs menial tasks for the bourgeoisie through a robotic pod. When he discovers a way to communicate with Alice in the neighboring cell, he’ll stop at nothing to reach her.

12 min

Over Da Rainbow

Writers: Shawn Kittelsen; Producer/Director: Jay Lap.

Homophobic rap superstar Terrier (pronounced “teh-ree-AY”) is tearing up the charts with the smash hit single “Kill Faggots” off his triple-platinum album hoMOFObic. Despite protests from groups like Homosexuals Organizing a Meaningfully Outed Society (H.O.M.O.S.), homophobia is America’s hottest trend.

Now Terrier plans to reach a wider audience by releasing a single featuring a sample from the deceased king of 80’s hair metal – Max Lightning’s “Teri Why.” But the rights belong to his eccentric homophobe widow, who demands Terrier reunite her with her estranged son, who happens to be the leader of H.O.M.O.S.

20 min

Paint Shaker

Writers: Jon Niccum, Jai Nitz; Producers: Ryan Jones, Jon Niccum, Josh Robison, Patrick Rea; Director: Patrick Rea.

Thompson needs to find somebody to work his Saturday shift at the hardware store. But his fellow employees aren’t exactly coming to his aid, and the store is short staffed ever since his jerkwad boss Gary fired the underperforming Chuck. When the disgruntled and well-armed Chuck returns for revenge, Thompson and his callous co-worker Hannah get caught in the middle of the rampage. Gary locks himself in a storeroom while Chuck attempts to extricate the frightened manager. Once bullets start to fly, things don’t quite work out the way everybody had hoped. Or do they?

15 min