Terminus Presents: Henchmen

Writer/Director: Yvonne McDowell; Producers: Brandon Ley, Yvonne McDowell.

Terminus Presents: Henchmen attempts to re-imagine the comic book genre from the perspective of the people merely seen in passing in standard comics. Rob and Tim are two slackers who stumbled onto jobs as henchmen for their city’s notorious crime boss, Erin O’Reilly. Their faith and loyalties are tested as they are sent on a mission to retrieve an amulet for the murderess.

Rob and Tim encounter death and violence while on their mission. They also incur the wrath of The Stalker, the city’s vigilante superhero and Erin’s biggest enemy. The center of the film is a character study about two guys stuck in a low level job in an extraordinary universe. It is the pilot of a series that uncovers many things brewing beneath the surface of one city.

16 min


Writer/Director: Will Adams; Producers: Rory Lowe.

A lone astronaut attempts to terraform a hostile planet with a malfunctioning robot as his only companion. Every small success the Terrafarmer enjoys is decimated by the robot’s stupidity in a classic chalk and cheese comedy double-act.

2 min

Tofu the Vegan Zombie: Zombie Dearest

Writers: William Vaughan, Lee Stringer; Producer: William Vaughan; Director: Lee Stringer.

Professor Vost has been keeping a deep, dark secret from his daughter Addie about her deceased mother, Fiona. Unfortunately, a curious Tofu lets the cat out of the bag. Will Addie be cool with what happened to mom?

8 min


Writer/Producer/Director: Aurelio Voltaire.

In this ultra-short prehistoric postcard a stop-motion T-Rex ponders the nature of love and loss with a Pterodactyl. Narrated by Richard Butler, singer of the band The Psychedelic Furs.

1 min

Troll Picnic

Writer/Director/Producer: Torey Haas.

In the haunted town of Devil’s Hill, Ricky has big plans for his longtime girlfriend Robin. Unfortunately something else also has big plans for Robin, and Ricky soon finds himself in a desperate bid to rescue his girlfriend from a vile troll.

11 min


Writer/Director: Martin Keegan; Producer: Rebecca Keegan.

The only beauty in Todd Gorman’s life is Laura Hagen, his abusive father’s bewitching girlfriend. When Todd’s odd behavior drives Laura away, the lonely teenager embarks on a menacing quest for something lovely for himself.

15 min


Producer: Julia Gerhardt; Director: Tobias Suhm.

Using surreal and bizarre images, Voigtkampff deals with a disenchanted man, whose only reason for staying alive is his exorbitant hatred towards his tormentors. When the day of revenge has finally come, his vast detestation will make him even put up with the deaths of 6.519 million people. Persecuted by nightmares continuously reminding him of the terrible events of his childhood, he is driven to his payback, resulting in an immensely destructive showdown. Always hoping to be able to return to peace and quiet….

14 min

Walker Stalker

Writer: Keith Claxton, Ben Pullen; Producer: Ben Pullen; Director: Keith Claxton.

What happens when the most trusted means of ordering your life turns into the most menacing means of destroying your life? Walker Stalker follows the harrowing homeward journey of four urban commuters; from station to termination, all are stopped short by their Mobile Phones…

14 min

The Whistler

Writers/Director: Avram Dodson; Producers: Priya Sircar, Charles Mulford.

Who was that masked man? What difference does it make when we all wear a mask? Well, since you asked, he’s called The Whistler, and he whistles a carefree tune. Or he did. Now his mask is slipping, his whistle dry. But Professor Crime doesn’t stop for existential angst. Looks like our hero picked the wrong day for an identity crisis.

11 min

Winter’s Tale

Writer: Gardner Linn; Producers: Mike Serrao, Jessica Mason, Anna Mackowiak; Director: Nick Hiltgen.

Charlie Winters is a young imaginative boy on his most exciting adventure yet, the search for the mythic razor blade apple. His search takes him through all of the typical suspects but by the time he exhausts his list he realizes that there is a very thin line between what he thinks is real and what is just in his imagination.

14 min

Zany Dick!

Writer/Producer/Director: Ricky Sprague.

An eccentric, bald surgeon grafts a sexual deviant’s penis onto the pianist husband of a woman he loves.  Zany Dick! is a parody of “transplant tragedies” such as Eyes Without A Face, Santa Sangre, Choice Cuts, The Beast With Five Fingers, and, most specifically, Mad Love.

3 min


Writer/Producer/Director: Nicole Mitchell.

Within the walls of this zoo, an overbearing zookeeper maintains order by arranging the animals to his liking. His absolute rule begins to falter, though, when he encounters a blobby little penguin.

5 min