Claire & the Keys


Written by John Ludwick & Toby Cochran; Directed/Produced by John Ludwick

Claire is a shopping, texting, phone-using fiend–just like her Mom. They are the best of friends and Claire can buy anything she wants! But when Claire wants piano lessons, that is the one thing Mom does not support. Their relationship endures its first lie as Claire pursues music lessons and a regional piano recital behind her Mom’s back. And Claire’s first teacher is the most skilled liar on the planet.

20 minutes



Written/Directed/Produced by Pete Scalzitti

While violent cannibalistic cartoon monster aliens attack the city, a young couple must escape what should have been the safest place–their own apartment. It’s 2-D cartoon mayhem over live action footage.

4 minutes

The Detectives of Noir Town

Written/Produced by Andrew Chambers & Paul Layton; Directed by Andrew Chambers

In this fantasy/comedy short film we are transported to ‘Noir Town’, a place where puppets and humans coexist in an uneasy, unspoken truce. Detective John Cotton is a puppet detective who is on the search for his missing uncle. The problem is everyone in town wants to be a detective and steal this case, so back-stabbing and murder comes swift and fast from every direction. Who is the killer and will John find his uncle before things start to unravel? Tune in.

7 minutes

The Fallen Phoenix


Written/Directed/Produced by Gwen Barriac and Heather Larkin

The Fallen Phoenix is the story of an established composer who struggles to write a masterpiece that pleases both himself and his sponsor. Ultimately, he realizes he has to choose between staying true to his art and pleasing those around him.
The fable of the Phoenix is used as a framework for the story. Though the Phoenix may fall in flames, his music lives on triumphantly!

5 minutes

Palmer’s Beard


Written/Produced/Directed by Brad Lambert

From the time of the American Revolution until the Civil War, it was inconceivable that a respectable American man would grow facial hair. When Joseph Palmer chose to defy social norms and grow a robust beard in 1830s Massachusetts, he became a social pariah and a martyr for civil liberties. Palmer’s Beard tells his true story through animation inspired by 1950s studios like UPA and Playhouse Pictures.

8 minutes



Written/Directed/Produced by Alvaro Garcia

For unknown reasons, the Earth’s ionosphere has weakened dramatically during the course of the last century.
All animal and plant species perished decades ago. All that remains is one small group of humans who attempt to resist the hostility and hardness of the external environment from SumerR, the last hive city in the world.
A young boy, Hermes, lives alone close to the wall that delimits the city, an area that is highly guarded by the SSW (Sumer Security Watchers).
While observing the desert from the roof of a building, Hermes suddenly sees something that looks a lot like a blue feather floating in the air

10 minutes