Kragos the Dishonored


Written/Directed/Produced by David Maddox

Kragos, a dishonored Klingon warrior, manages to reclaim his warrior spirit and complete an unfulfilled mission with help from a wily Ferengi named Pong on a world populated by intense Vulcans, a treacherous Romulan, and highly breakable Cylons in this bizarre Star Trek fan film parody.

12 minutes

Prelude to Axanar


Written by Alec Peters, Christian Gossett; Directed by Christian Gossett; Produced by Neal Fischer, Carter Smith, Jhennifer Webberley

Prelude to Axanar is an independent Star Trek project that tells the story of Captain Kirk’s hero, Garth of Izar, during the war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. It is shot as a documentary and is the back story for the forthcoming feature Axanar.

21 minutes



Written by Emily Blake, Michael Patrick Sullivan; Directed by Patrick Meaney; Produced by Patrick Meaney, Emily Blake, Marisa Stotter, Jordan Rennert

At last year’s Doctor Who convention, cosplayer Angel found and lost her perfect Ten, a man with encyclopedic knowledge of the show and an impeccable Tenth Doctor cosplay. This year, Angel’s friend Tamara is on a mission to help Angel hunt down her perfect Ten in a sea of Doctors. It’s a heart-warming romantic comedy that’s a love letter to fandom and con culture-–and, of course, to Doctor Who.

14 minutes



Written by Rev. Dr. Lord Samuel Rudolph, Jeff Beauvoir; Directed by Stuart Baker; Produced by Jeff Beauvoir

In the not-too-distant future, Elroy’s deli hosts a weekly poker night with one simple rule: all players must act their age and stick to grownup topics of conversation. But these old-timers know that Star Wars will be the topic du jour. Settling this conflict could mean a turn to the dark side. Director Stuart Baker, Writer/Producer and contributor Jeff Beauvoir, and a wizened ensemble deliver 21st century word jousting in the style of a classic Twilight Zone episode. Produced in Seattle, Younglings is a fanboy noir that portrays today’s pop culture aficionados as geriatric nerds of the future.

10 minutes