Dead Hearts


Written/Directed by Stephen W. Martin; Produced by Stephen W. Martin and Alex Glua

A young mortician will give his heart away to find true love. A whimsical, gothic bedtime story filled with love, loss, taxidermy, Kung fu, and biker werewolves.

17 minutes

El Mano vs. Japanese Zombie


Written/Directed by Kirt Burdick; Produced by Kirt Burdick & Julian Meyer.

One day El Mano, the world’s greatest wrestler, decided to exercise his massive legs. During a brief respite next to a scary grave, El Mano is attacked by an unholy being. It is a being charmed with a demonic appetite for wrestling. It is a Japanese Zombie! The mighty wrestler dispatched his foe with glorious moves and elegant brutality.

3 minutes

Knock, Knock…


Written/Directed by Anthony Lund; Produced by Jon Judelson

On a dark, stormy night, a little boy is reading in his bed alone when he hears a knocking sound… coming from inside his closet door! He grabs his trusted viking sword and helmet and confronts the unseen threat.
He soon learns (the hard way) that the creatures that go bump in the night are really real… and plastic toy weapons do little to stave off hungry monsters that can tunnel through the shadows.

3 minutes

Return Of The Zombie Lawyer Commercials


Written/Directed by Matthew McGahren; Produced by Matt Green, Richard Rosenthal

The Zombie Lawyer once again presents a series of commercials that are designed to help him obtain representation of the undead. This time around he tackles Texting While Driving, Products Liability, and Attractive Nuisance claims.

6 minutes



Written/Directed by Spencer Estabrooks; Produced by Spencer Estabrooks, Greg Jeffs, Emily Renner Wallace

Tremors meets Jaws. A new scientific discovery leads to the unearthing of a monster. Can a palaeontologist and a creationist overcome the ideological differences and defeat an ancient evil? Or will the terror below consume them all?

8 minutes